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Top 5 Most Common Vape Mod Issues

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Don’t you just hate when you go to hit your vape mod and nothing happens?  There are thousands of different reasons why it might fail, but today we’re going to pay attention to what we, and many others, believe are the 5 most common reasons.  There have been a great many times when people have freaked out and ran to the nearest vape shop because they saw an indicator light blinking or just couldn’t get their mod working, assuming that they were about to shell out some money for a new rig, when in reality most things can be fixed in a couple of seconds.

If you use the check list below, the next time your mod fails and still can’t get it to work, you may need professional help, but 99% of problems can be found and fixed using these easy to understand steps.  Help us help other vapers by sharing this post with your friends!

Most Common Vape Mod Issues


1. Lack of Cleanliness

Top-5-Most-Common-Vape-Mod-Issues-Clean-510Your vape mod is a machine that requires a bit of maintenance.  Every time you take off the atomizer, get into the habit of cleaning out the connection points with a cue tip.  One of the most common issues that vapers have is build-up in the 510, preventing a solid connection.  However, there are other areas on the mod that need checking regularly for corrosion, such as the battery terminals.  Remember, a clean mod is a happy mod! 🙂

2. Not Monitoring Coils


Check those O-rings

If you just installed new coils, it’s possible that it isn’t seated right, especially if it’s coil heads from a factory.  You have to make sure that everything is seated correctly; those little o-rings have a bad habit of not being pushed all the way up and causing bad connections, and that the coil is tight in its housing.  This is a problem seen by vape shops regularly and is a two second fix.  We have a more in-depth check for fixing tank and RDA coils here.

3. Checking Your Atomizer

Attaching the tank to the mod is as simple as twisting them together — one side fits into the other and away you vape.  Unfortunately, the theory doesn’t always work perfectly in the real world.  Connection pins may not touch each other, small insulators aren’t doing their jobs properly, and you should make sure that you’re getting a good connection across the circuit.  If you believe you have a problem with your 510, these trouble shooting tips should help.

4. Check Your Batteries

Top-5-Most-Common-Vape-Mod-Issues-Clean-Battery-ContactsIf you’re using replaceable batteries, remove them and put in new ones.  Your problem could be as simple as not enough charge or batteries that are no longer serviceable (your batteries aren’t meant to last forever).  If a new set doesn’t fix the problem, take a look at the connection points.  Make sure they are clean and that they are making a solid contact with your cells.  If the batteries feel loose, this could be your problem.  Over time, they may have become warped and pushed back, and it will take a whole two seconds to pull them back into place.  If your device uses a built-in power supply, there really isn’t much you can check without dismantling your mod, so a professional opinion may be required.

5. Accidental Drops

If your mod hit the floor, it’s possible that some of the internal components got damaged or dislodged.  The chipsets used in these devices can be delicate and vapers tend to treat their boxes like bricks and not bone China.  They’re capable of taking a beating, but over time things can get knocked out of place.  If none of the other points on our check list work for you, the issue may be internal, which means it’s definitely the time to talk to a professional and hope they can fix it.

Conclusion: Just remember, these are electronic devices and they do have a lifespan.  If you’ve used a device daily for several years and it just quits working, it could be time to send it to the recycling center.  Until then, use this most common vape mod issues list to troubleshoot and get your setup back in good working condition.

Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall

Avid Vaper, advocate and cloud chaser. Writer for 3 vaping websites and broadcaster/presenter as Vapin Demon on Coast 2 Coast Vapers. Originally from Manchester, England, I got bored one day and moved to the USA. Vaping saved my life and my aim is to save as many others as I can.

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  1. Often times a problem has a simple fix and this is a great list to check before giving up on your mod!

  2. Hi I have a vapor flask stout sitting without a tank from 2017.i was planning on reusing it with new vaporesso guardian tank .the mod tank connector looks black inside. Should I just use dry qtips to clean it before applying a tank and battery and give it a go? I’m scared of it exploding on my a rookie. Your suggestions would be really appreciated.

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