Over the past couple of years, since the advent of mesh coils, sub-ohm tanks have made a roaring resurgence. Even people who had fully gone over to RDAs and RTAs have found themselves picking up sub-ohm tanks to see how far they’ve come and been blown away. This new generation of mesh sub-ohm tanks may never quite outperform the legendary rebuildables, but they’re coming impressively close. If you’re looking to get into sub-ohm tanks for the first time, or you’re considering picking a new one up, take a moment to learn about the very best the market has to offer. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a little list.

Diameter Capacity Included Coils Drip Tip
FreeMax FireLuke 2 24mm 5.0mL 0.15ohm Single

(40 – 90W)

0.2ohm Dual

(40 – 80W)

HorizonTech Falcon 25.2mm 5.0/7.0mL 0.16ohm M2 Dual

(70 – 80W)

0.15ohm M1 Single

(60 – 70W)

Uwell Crown IV 28mm 5.0/6.0mL 0.2ohm Dual SS904L

(70 – 80W)

0.4ohm Dual SS904L

(60 – 70W)

Uwell Nunchaku 25.2mm 5.0mL 0.25ohm A1

(40 – 50W)

0.4ohm A1

(45 – 55W)

Geek Vape Alpha 25mm 4.0mL 0.15ohm MM-1

(60 – 110W)

0.4ohm MM-2

(50 – 80W)



FreeMax Fireluke 2

Considered by many to be the very height of sub-ohm tanks, the FreeMax Fireluke 2 is the ultimate culmination of their sub-ohm mesh technology. Let’s take a step back for a second and consider FreeMax for a moment. For years, these guys have enjoyed a nearly flawless reputation as the premier tank and coil manufacturer in the world. While they don’t put out a ton of products every year, almost everything they do is high-quality, in terms of both build quality and flavor production.

This began with their original FreeMax Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank. This tank has since been renamed the FreeMax M (since it no longer uses only mesh coils). From there, they went on the create the original FireLuke, the Mesh Pro, and now the Fireluke 2. Each of these tanks have been incredible and, to be honest, we just had to kind of pick one to use in this list and the Fireluke 2 is the most recent.

But in reality, each of the tanks on that list have their place among the all-time greats. FreeMax has also built up quite a library of coils, the latest of which are their TX coils, which use Tea Fiber cotton for an unprecedented level of crisp flavor and remarkably long lifespans. Which brings us to the primary selling points of the FreeMax Fireluke 2. You get arguably the best flavor out there among sub-ohm tanks. You get a variety of coils to choose from, including single, dual, triple, and quadruple coils. Finally, this tank works best in the mid-wattage range, with most of their coils finding a sweet spot between 55W and 90W. In that range, its flavor and coil life is nearly unbeaten.

Horizontech Falcon

Next up, the long-reigning sub-ohm champion. Released earlier than most of the other tanks on this list, the Falcon has since become the benchmark for flavor and build quality. If you’re wondering who the heck HorizonTech is, you’d be asking a fair question. They’re not exactly a prolific manufacturer, really only known for having produced the Falcon and its big brother, the Falcon King. They’ve recently released the Magico Salt Nic Stick device too, which you may have seen on shelves – but that’s not what we’re here to talk about!

HorizonTech is a Chinese manufacturer and not a whole lot is known about them. Their site includes a lot of the typical language regarding R&D and quality control, but, unlike many other companies, they seem to really put these values into practice.

Anyway, the Falcon Sub-Ohm Tank is a true work of art. It’s got an undeniably attractive style and one of the easiest fill systems out there. Just screw off the entire top piece and fill it up through its two large ports. No leaking, no maneuvering your big fat gorilla bottle around a slide-fill. Then you get the flavor. The coils use something called wood pulp & cotton wicking along with their mesh coils. While I’m sure the secret of this combination is kept behind closed doors, the flavor you get off these coils is truly remarkable. A slightly more restricted vape than the Fireluke 2, but definitely as flavorful and warm. Again, this is a tank which is really going to shine right around 80W, so it occupies that mid-range.

Uwell Crown IV

The Uwell Crown IV has a bit of interesting history and, if you read the “Includes” section of its description, you may see why: This tank, while being a sub-ohm mesh tank, does not include mesh coils. Instead, it includes two stainless steel coil heads (which are quite good, by the way). Why would a tank releasing in the past two years not include mesh coils? Well, unfortunately, at the time of its release, Uwell had not completed the development of their mesh coils. They needed a few more weeks to iron out any imperfections and have since released them, of course, but the tank still does not include them. So that’s worth mentioning.

That having been said, however, Uwell is a pioneer in the field of these sub-ohm tanks. They more or less kicked off the entire craze years ago with their original Crown tank, and the Crown IV is, by all accounts, a triumphant return to form. Their famous pro-FOCS technology is there, their ample four-slot top-fill system is there, and a “self-cleaning leak-resistant” technology is there too! All accounted for.

Furthermore, they have since released their double helix mesh coil which is absolutely on par for Uwell. They’re a company notorious for having high flavor standards and these coils do not disappoint. That having been said, this tank does include a slightly less comprehensive coil library than, say, the FireLuke 2, and their coils are all basically optimized for wattages significantly below 80W. If you’re looking for an excellent tank in the 60 – 70W range, give the Crown IV a shot.

Uwell Nunchaku

Keeping it all in the family, our next tank is another offering from Uwell. While we opted to basically include all of FreeMax under one heading above, our reasons for adding the Nunchaku separately are two-fold. Firstly, the Nunchaku is quite different from the Crown IV whereas many of the FreeMax tanks are quite similar (in a good way). Secondly, the Nunchaku requires a bit of discussion on its own regarding its coils.

So remember how we really got you sold on mesh coils up top? Well, the Nunchaku does not use mesh coils. I know, I know, blasphemy, right? While these coils are not mesh, it ties in with the primary selling points of the Nunchaku tank itself. Measuring a bit smaller than the Crown IV, the Nunchaku is a smaller tank with the lowest wattage requirement on this list. In fact, its coils basically max out at 55W and you’d be just fine keeping them at 50W.

So you’re getting a much different experience with these coils while barely sacrificing any flavor. For those of you looking to maximize your battery life and your coil life, this lower wattage option is absolutely perfect. The coils last for about 40 tanks each and give you the kind of flavor you’d expect from a bigger, mesh alternative. It’s really a remarkable little guy.

Geek Vape Alpha

Geek Vape is another manufacturer with an excellent reputation. That having been said, nothing of theirs has really stood out quite so much as the Alpha Tank we’re talking about today. The Alpha has that resin look which more and more companies are adopting (copying the Falcon and the Fireluke, of course), and looks really nice.

It’s also built extremely well with a super easy to fill, switchblade-style top-fill system. Sounds cool, right? Check it out for yourself. There’s no leaking, there’s great airflow controls, nice 810, etc. etc. blah blah blah. Oh, and they’ve recently released it paired alongside their Nova Box Mod. But how does it vape?

The coils included with this tank are what Geek Vape calls “MeshMellow”. Cute, right? The tank includes both a single and dual option, with the single rated for a pretty versatile range of wattages. In fact, the MM-1 single coil is what we’re really going to be talking about here today. (The MM-2 is fine, but you’re going to find yourself opting for the single coil in this one.) The single coil works between 60 – 110W, and I’ve found the sweet spot to be right in the middle around 85. It’s fine at 80 and 90W too, but anywhere in there, you’re going to be getting flavor as good as literally anything else on the market.

The Alpha truly is an outstanding tank, although it does have a downside, which is largely its limited juice capacity. When all of its competitors are offering at least 5.0mL, 4.0mL just seems a tad small, doesn’t it?