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UH Study Reports New Findings on E-Cigarette Use

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In a recent study, the University of Hawaii Cancer Center Prevention and Control Program researchers found that smokers who use electronic or e-cigarettes as a tool to stop smoking tend to be younger and more motivated to quit smoking as compared to other smokers.

The researchers obtained cross-sectional data in 2010–2012 from 1567 adult daily smokers in Hawaii using a paper-and-pencil survey.

The Results? – Of the participants, 13% reported having ever used e-cigarettes to quit smoking. Smokers who had used them reported higher motivation to quit, higher quitting self-efficacy, and longer recent quit duration than did other smokers. Age (odds ratio [OR] = 0.98; 95% confidence interval [CI] = 0.97, 0.99) and Native Hawaiian ethnicity (OR = 0.68; 95% CI = 0.45, 0.99) were inversely associated with increased likelihood of ever using e-cigarettes for cessation. Other significant correlates were higher motivation to quit (OR = 1.14; 95% CI = 1.08, 1.21), quitting self-efficacy (OR = 1.18; 95% CI = 1.06, 1.36), and ever using US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)–approved cessation aids such as nicotine gum (OR = 3.72; 95% CI = 2.67, 5.19).

The conclusion stated: Smokers who try e-cigarettes to quit smoking appear to be serious about wanting to quit. Despite lack of evidence regarding efficacy, smokers treat e-cigarettes as valid alternatives to FDA-approved cessation aids.

This should be a nice survey for the FDA to look at. These results mean the younger one’s who haven’t been smoking as long as others are already looking to stop smoking. Want to be blown away? Compare these findings to 10 years ago.

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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