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2017 Vaper Preference Survey Gives Detailed Insight

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In a recent online survey new information was revealed giving detailed insight on vapers preferences. Both Mistic E-Cigs and The Vaping Advocate were behind the survey, where there’s an online poll of questions surveying the vaping industry and receiving more than 650 respondents to close the survey.

The survey was able to present that the majority of consumers who use vaping products are former smokers. It’s also shown that the vaping consumers rank convenience highest when using the products. This is a very clear sign as to why vapers have taken a liking to all-in-one mods, why there’s still a cig-a-like market, and why vapor pod systems have become so popular among beginner and advanced users.

Vapers demand a fulfilling experience that is hassle-free and that’s why we’ve seen a proliferation of pod-type systems to hit the market. What’s really interesting is that our survey revealed 67 percent of mod and mechanical mod users saying convenience is very important when using a vaping device.

John Wiesehan Jr., CEO of Mistic.

The survey asked what the most important attribute they look for in a vaping device, and 29 percent said price is the top attribute, 27 percent said performance and battery life, 19 percent said ease of use, 10 percent said vapor production, while 3 percent said size was the top attribute they look for in a vaping device. However, the survey made it clear that preferences do differ according to the user type.taking survey For an example, mod users ranked performance and battery life at 42 percent, while only 16 percent of mod users favored price. Cig-a-like users on the other hand, when looking for a vaping device, 31 percent said price is the top attribute, 27 percent said performance and battery life, while only 20 percent said ease of use.

Interesting information indeed, and that is what’s so fascinating about this survey. There’s plenty more bits of information about products, but we wanted to focus in on vapers shopping and how the respondents¬†first learned about vaping.

When asked about the shopping experience of choice, 55 percent of all respondents said they prefer to shop online for their vaping needs, which is possibly a good indicator for local shops that they should consider lowering prices, cut out the middle man and start doing the leg work to pull vapers back into local shops. Anyhow, 65 percent of vapers age 65 and older choose to shop online, compared to 37 percent of vapers ages 25-34.

The survey also found that 39 percent of those who responded first learned about vaping from either a family member or friend, 23 percent learned about vaping from advertising, 16 percent learned via word of mouth, and 9 percent learned about it from searching on the Internet. What’s shocking is that only 5 percent said that they were first introduced to vaping through social media.

Learn more about the survey here:

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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  1. I’m very surprised to hear that 65% of vapers age 65 and up prefer shopping online! I am also mostly unsurprised to find that most people hear about vaping from word of mouth since there’s a lot of negative press about vaping which requires a personal testimony to break through.

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