Since countries like Canada and many states throughout America legalized the sale of cannabis products a lot has changed. In the past, most people would consume marijuana through a joint, a bong, or even a pipe. However, there are a lot more ways of consuming weed nowadays, which gives the consumer a lot more options.

It’s not even how you consume weed that is different, there are a lot more choices these days when it comes to cannabis products. Before the laws changed, when people purchased pot it was normally cannabis from the flower. Although once in a while you might come across hashish, it seemed like 90% of the time it was a marijuana bud from the flower.

If you are new to consuming marijuana, you might find all these options a little overwhelming, so before we go into whether it’s better to vape dry herb or to vape shatter, let’s discuss a few of your options.

Some of the Different Ways to Consume Cannabis

Although the most popular method of consuming cannabis is still through the old-fashioned joint or pipe, there is a lot more diversity in the product and the way we consume it. Here are some of the cannabis products and tools to help you consume it that you might find in your local or online dispensary:

  • Rolling papers: There have always been standard rolling papers available, before many smokers would use old tobacco rolling papers which were often longer and bigger than traditional tobacco papers. These days you can easily find rolling papers designed specifically for consuming cannabis. They come in different lengths, weight and some of them have different colors. You can even purchase transparent rolling papers. 
  • Vaporizers: Vaping nicotine products have become very popular over the last decade. Although the long-term effects are still unclear, many people believe it is much safer than consuming traditional tobacco. Vaping cannabis products have also become extremely popular in recent years, and you are bound to find a wide range of different types of vaporizers at your local cannabis dispensary
  • Edibles: You might have heard of weed brownies or weed cookies in the past, however over the last few years there are lots of different dishes that chefs use marijuana as an ingredient. Some of the world’s top chefs use the substance in some of their high-end dishes.

Not everybody likes smoking cannabis, so luckily there are lots of other methods to choose from.

What is Shatter?


Marijuana extracts are made by passing a solvent, like hexane, isopropyl, or butane through fresh or cured cannabis that has been finely ground. These cannabis extracts produce thick, usually brown or golden-colored marijuana oil. This strong oil contains the marijuana plant’s active chemical compound.

The person who is making the shatter must purge the solvent from the shatter oil, by heating and vacuuming. The end result can produce wax, honeycomb, budder, live resin, crumble, and shatter.

How can you use Shatter?

Most people like to either vape or dab shatter. Some vape pens are specifically designed to consume shatter. A dab rig is a water pipe that allows you to consume shatter also. If you are new to any form of cannabis oil, perhaps check the potency before you try it out. Some shatter can be extremely strong, with the potency ranging anywhere from 50 to 90% cannabinoids. It won’t take long for the effect to kick in, and it is a smoke-free method of consuming marijuana.

Avoid using a standard vape pen or a vape pen designed for dried herbs. There is a possibility that you will damage your device, as they are not designed to handle shatter. Each vaporizer designed to consume shatter will have a specific atomizer that allows you to heat the shatter so that you can vape the substance. There are vape pens on the market that will allow you to change the chamber. This way you can avoid buying a new device, and just change the chamber, and when you want to vape shatter.

How do you Vape Shatter?

Rolling a joint can take a bit of getting used to, so often vaping cannabis products is an easier alternative. If you want to vape shatter, you simply add the shatter to the heating chamber on the device. Once you press the button to start the heating process, the device will start melting the shatter and turn it into vapor. The consumer will then inhale the vapor produced through a mouthpiece attached to the device.

This is a very easy process to get used to, but you must keep in mind that it doesn’t take too long for the atomizer to heat the shatter. If you don’t inhale the vapor once it is melted you could end up wasting a lot of the shatter. If you don’t like the mouthpiece, you can often find alternatives online.

Why is Vaping Dry Herb so Popular?

Vaping dry herb is a similar method, apart from you use a device specifically produced to vape dry herb and you use cannabis from the flower. There are plenty of reasons so many people like vaping marijuana such as:

  • The taste: Smoking a joint, especially if you are using heavy papers you might find it hard to taste the marijuana. The smoke and papers can sometimes prove overpowering, which can be upsetting, especially if you are using great-tasting weed. Vaping cannabis allows you to taste the beautiful flavors, making consuming weed even more enjoyable. 
  • Save cannabis: Most vaping chambers don’t require a lot of weed. Unlike a joint, you can just add a small amount into the chamber to get a nice hit. The unused weed in the chamber can be vaped at a later date. If you don’t finish smoking a full joint, when you come back to it later on it might not smell or taste very nice. 
  • The smell: Unlike most other ways there are available to consume cannabis, vaping doesn’t tend to give off a strong smell. If you don’t want the world to know you use cannabis products, perhaps purchasing vaping might help you.

Although some dispensaries have a very large stock of shatter and different cannabis oils, such as Cannasweets, others have a very limited amount of choice. Good shatter can be hard to come by, however, dispensaries, both online and offline, seem to have a lot of high-quality marijuana buds for sale. If you decide to purchase a dry herb vape pen, you won’t find it difficult to purchase weed for it.


Before you go out and purchase a new device for vaping shatter or dry herb, perhaps consider doing some research online. There are so many vaping products on the market and some of these devices can cost a pretty penny. Checking out some reviews from customers might help guide you in the right direction before you spend your hard-earned cash.

One of the downsides to vaping is often vaping devices don’t last for a long time. Some people manage to get years out of one vaporizer, however, others seem to break easily, If you drop the device on a hard surface, don’t be surprised if the glass around the chamber cracks. Consider covering the glass with a few rubber bands for extra protection.