I would honestly feel terrible if I didn’t share this new blog with you and recognize the hard work and time that’s been put into the content and the constant work it’ll go through in the future. Trust me, I know it’s a handful to constantly keep researching deals and posting them, not to mention keeping it all up to date. Props to Joe for taking on the task.

Vapor Joes is still pretty new and it was created this year but has received loads of attention, even making its way to the Best of 2012 – Best New Blog category. What I find great about this site is that it focus’s on nothing but deals. As soon as you navigate to the site, you’re slammed with more deals for vaping supplies than you knew existed. The site is in my opinion, a must subscribe type thing. It’s very interesting and best of all, helps you save money!

You can visit Vapor Joes at VaporJoe.blogspot.com