As if dominating every other sector of the vaping market wasn’t enough, Vaporesso has delivered an amazing RDA in the form of the Nalu.  Imagine taking different pieces from all of your favorite RDA’s, going into a laboratory for a fortnight and creating a thrown together monster of epic proportions.  The image you now have in your head probably isn’t far off from this tank.

Vaporesso already has the market sewn up with offerings like the Tarrot 200w and Target family of mods, and tanks like the Guardian, Gemini and Target Pro.  The company even has its own proprietary coil system with the C-Cell technology that can’t be found anywhere else, but I guess someone decided that they needed to branch out more.  Let’s take a couple of seconds to dive down and see what this little gem has to offer.

Vaporesso Nalu RDA

Nalu-RDA-From-Vaporesso-sideFirst impressions count, and in one glance, the Nalu RDA will make you question what you know about vaping.  Sleek, stylish, and visually appealing, the 24mm body will make you believe that it’s a tank.  The Stainless Steel outer sleeve gives way to an integrated glass section, windows into the soul of the beast.  This isn’t just here for show as the glass acts as a heat sink, keeping the outer sleeve cool while simultaneously working to enhance the flavor in a way you can normally only find in a tank.  The cut-outs will ensure that with one quick look you can see how wet your coils are without having to take off the cap.

Nalu-RDA-From-Vaporesso-deckThe 2 post, dual terminal deck takes away any misconceptions about the true intentions of this RDA — massive slots and side mounted grub screws make it ideal for building the mother of all coil systems.  The base of the deck is deep, ready and willing to take the juice as you prepare for killer clouds.  The only thing that breaks up the deck is the 2 raised airflow slots that come in from the bottom to make sure that the air gets all around the coils.

Nalu-RDA-From-Vaporesso-deck-topThe adjustable slotted airflow in the base of the tank can run in single or dual coil mode, with each slot sitting at 7.5mm by 3mm.  Rather than using an adjustable airflow ring, Vaporesso decided to go with static holes in the base of the top cap.  It’s one less part that can cause issues in the future and the extended cap also prevents over-drippers from drowning their mods.

Working your way to the base of the Nalu, you will find a gold-plated, fully adjustable 510 center pin sitting inside a peak insulator and a decent sized post.  It comes ready to rock with 3 shorty 510 drip tips, in stainless steel, black, and blue, making sure you have the ability to take it out of the box and match it to any mod you may have laying around.

This atomizer was inspired by vapers ideas and it shows.  So many points that companies normally miss have been hit perfectly with the Nalu, and if it stands up to the test of time like many of the other products offered to us by Vaporesso, this is going to be a tank that stays around forever.

Vaporesso Nalu RDA: GET IT HERE