World’s Finest Vapors is a United States based e-liquid company, and though they carry a selection of electronic cigarettes, they are of course known highly for their premium e-liquid flavors. The company prides themselves on quality products made in the United States, but it’s a bit more deep-rooted than that; it is actually Veteran Owned and Operated. Today I’ll be reviewing World Finest Vapor’s “Just Peach” e-liquid using an Tesla at 13.0 watts, paired with an Aspire CE5 sitting at 2.0 Ohm. This specific bottle is 18mg in nicotine strength.


What I’m getting from this Just Peach flavor is a genuine taste; natural and not artificial. It’s apparent that World’s Finest Vapor’s has taken the necessary time to produce a quality flavor. The quality in the e-liquid itself feels great. The nicotine isn’t appearing more than the flavor, which is something I’ve experience in other e-liquids.


worlds finest vapors logoOMG…That is about what sums up this Just Peach flavor. I’ve vaped other e-liquids that offer a peach taste, and many of them are actually spot on. Just Peach follows along those same lines, spot on, delicious and definitely in my daily vape. If you’re a big peach vaper, this peach flavor combined with a perfectly smooth throat hit will not be disappointment. ¬†What you can expect Just Peach to deliver is an outstanding tart and sweet flavor. That first bite into an actual peach is a good way to describe the taste; a very juicy peach.

Throat Hit

Though I don’t rely on throat hit and it honestly doesn’t judge whether I prefer one e-liquid over another – Just Peach has a smooth, but noticeable throat hit. Even for an avid vaper this may be just enough of a throat hit for you.

Vapor Production

I couldn’t find anywhere on the site where it stated the PG/VG percentage, but I believe it’s a 70/30 mix. Though I was able to produce an “ok” amount of vapor, it doesn’t compare to some of the other liquids that I vape. This is heavily due to the mixture and I’m sure it’s a default mix spread throughout the rest of the inventory.