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Wismec Motiv Elliptic All-In-One Starter Kit Preview

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The Wismec Motiv, bringing you the simplistic concept of the all-in-one vaping system with the panache and innovation expected from the creators of the Reuleaux.  Never happy to sit on their laurels, the California-based design team have never been happy with conforming, they turned square boxes into 3 bisected circles, and now they’ve created an elliptical design from a traditionally tubular system.  Over the course of the next few minutes we are going to pick apart the Motiv’s specifications, figure out if it’s any different than the competition, and maybe look at where you can get hold of one today.

Up Close And Personal With The Wismec Motiv

wismec-motiv-elliptic-all-in-one-starter-kit-preview-full-view-sideMeasuring in at 132.6mm in length by 29mm at its widest point, the first attempt at a uniformed All-In-One system by Wismec is both pleasing to the eye and ergonomically designed for ultimate usability.  The contours have more to do with function than fashion as the human hand was never designed to spend any amount of time holding a straight cylinder.

wismec-motiv-elliptic-all-in-one-starter-kit-preview-topcapForm and function have been melded to perfection from the decorative top-cap with hidden internal airflow to the 2200mAh power supply buried deep inside, every aspect carefully considered to attract everyone from the newest of vapers to those just looking for a compact all day vape.

With a 2ml, no spill/no leak tank on the inside, the design is perfect for the American or European markets.  If Wismecs previous attempts at tank building are anything to go by, you can guarantee that every time you hit the button you will be hit in the face with insane cloud power and flavor that would be appreciated by the God’s themselves.

Taking full advantage of the DS Head Coil family, Wismec have left little to chance when it comes to your vaping needs by adapting the Motiv to take the DS Dual and DS NC.  The DS Dual is a 0.25Ω dual coil vertical coil structure wicked with Organic Japanese Cotton while the NC brings something slightly different to the Table.  Hiding inside this coil head is one of the greatest feats in vaping, otherwise known as the Notch, a solid Stainless Steel tube notched out to create cloud and flavor while using less power than traditional wires.  wismec-motiv-elliptic-all-in-one-starter-kit-preview-coils

The tank features 7 different LED color choices for backlighting your e-liquid,  Red — Yellow — Green — Blue — Indigo — White — Purple, but can be easily turned off if you are looking to conserve battery power or just don’t want to stand out in a crowd.

Operating the Motiv is as simple as mastering a single oversized firing button, as we said at the beginning of this post Wismec are looking for simplicity and it doesn’t get much simpler than this.  Charged via micro-USB, the 2200mAh beast should be enough to keep you flying for a few hours but at the price of the Motiv buying a backup device is always a realistic option.  With several internal options designed to keep the Motiv and it’s user safe from the real dangers associated with internal electrical components, this little brute will be stick around for a while if you want to put it to work.

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