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Wismec Vicino D30 Starter Kit Preview

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Wismec’s Vicino D30 starter kit brings a new twist to a classic design, the convenience of a tube style mod with the technological innovation that Wismec has become known for.  Tough, durable, and designed for the newest of vapers through to the most experienced, the simplicity of the Vicino will make it an instant crowd pleaser.  For those looking for a beast of a machine without having to worry about perfecting the art of multiple settings on the newest box mods, the Vicino is a great place to start.  Over the course of the next couple of minutes we will take a look at Wismec’s latest offering to see what makes it stand out from the starter kit pack.

Wismec Vicino: The Beauty and Beast Combined

Wismec-Vicino-D30-Starter-Kit-Preview-modsMeasuring in at 30mm wide, the Vicino is definitely not aiming to be the smallest tube style mod on the market.  There is a 22mm version, but Wismec wanted the beast to stand out.  Constructed from heavy-duty Aluminum the D30 is made to last, following in the footsteps of other tube style mods, but offering Wismec’s unmistakable flair.

The built-in power pack holds 3000mAh when fully charged and can be charged via the dedicated micro-usb port built into the side of the device, perfect for being out and about as an all day vape.  Capable of firing between 5 and 60 watts, getting the setting right is as simple as turning the notched ring at the base or can be used as a traditional tube mod when switched into bypass mode.  While the kit is sent out as a single device, the base is fitted with a spring-loaded, gold plated 5110 connector so you can change out the tank they provide with which ever one you want.

Other than the adjustment ring, the only control you will find on the D30 is the firing button — they couldn’t have made it any simpler.  Dual circuit protection as well as Over Charge/Over Current/Over Discharge and No atomizer protection circuits are integrated into the system to keep the device and its user safe at all times.

Moving up from the base unit to the D30 tank is, in my opinion, enough to get new and experienced vapers buying this kit.  Constructed from Stainless Steel and Pyrex glass, the 30mm tank holds 6ml of e-liquid and performs like a Choir in a Cathedral on a Sunday.

Juice flow control systems make the threaded, top filling option of this tank simple and easy to use.  The bottom airflow control is hidden, 2 slots measuring 3mm by 12 mm will allow you to fine tune the D30 perectly to your preference.  As with the base unit, it is fully compatible with any other device on the market, so mixing and matching is always an option.Wismec-Vicino-D30-Starter-Kit-Preview-tank

The proprietary D30 coil system, 0.2Ω in a vertical configuration and organic cotton as wicking will give a sub-ohm vape that won’t soon be forgotten.

Whether you are new to the vaping world, looking for a device that will pump out the plumes or just someone who is looking for a convenient piece of hardware to carry around as an all day vape, the D30 from Wismec is definitely something you should consider.

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