If there’s one thing that has frustrated me, and I’m sure many other vapers, is when we had to branch away from our favorite e-liquid brands due to them not carrying higher viscosity e-liquids.  As manufacturers began filling the market with sub-ohm clearomizers, rebuildable atomizers and high-powered mods, we were basically forced to vape high viscosity e-liquids, since those products were designed for that form of vaping.  Before this huge market change emerged, I had my favorite e-liquid brands that I was perfectly satisfied with and those were my daily vapes.  What’s frustrating is that we spent so much time finding those perfect vapes as beginners, only to jump back on the search once again.  I’ll be the first to say, it is highly encouraged that you do not stay with any one flavor or one brand, and to continuously switch things up to gain experience and keep that “like new” feel to keep you interested.  However, both you and I do have our favorites that we would love to revisit.

With that being said, I have good news for you – your favorite e-liquid brands are updating with you!  Some e-liquid manufacturers may take long than others to come around, but they are aware that the market has transitioned to higher viscosity e-liquids, and they understand that they must grow and update with consumers or they’ll be left behind.

Below I’ll list a few of my old favorites that have updated with e-liquid that has a higher percentage of VG.  Some of the flavors they offer may have just been remixed into a high VG format, while others are completely new flavors.  I highly encourage you to give these guys a visit and check out some of those flavors they’re offering, as I’ll be doing the same.

(shout out to our long time friends at Pink Spot Vapors, Texas Select Vapor and iVape – miss you all and hope you’ve been well! 🙂 )

Pink Spot Vapors

Most likely you’ve heard of Pink Spot Vapors since they’ve been around for quite some time.  PSV is one of the elders when it comes to e-liquid manufacturing, and they still hold quite the following because of the unique and delicious flavors they offer.  PSV happens to be one of my most favorite e-liquid brands.  In fact, it was one of the first brands that my Wife and I fell in love with.  However, we’ve slowly branched away from PSV after new gear was introduced to the market, as PSV liquid had a higher percentage of PG.

The good news is that Pink Spot Vapors has now come out with a Dripping Line, which are high viscosity e-liquids made to appeal more to those who use sub-ohm clearomizers, rebuildable atomizers and high-powered mods.  I’m not sure about you all, but we’re so excited to taste those same great flavors we started vaping on, but now in a high VG format!

Check out Pink Spot Vapors dripping line here: Pink Spot Vapors | Dripping Flavor Line

Texas Select Vapor

If you’ve been a long time reader of GuideToVaping.com, then I’m sure you’ve heard of Texas Select Vapor.  TSV was also one of the first brands that I fell in love with as a new vaper.  In fact, I raved about their e-liquid so much, they named one of their e-liquids as an exclusive flavor to GTV, since we couldn’t hush up about it.  Yes, the flavors were that good, and though they’re still bangin with deliciousness, some vapers have moved onto higher viscosity e-liquids.

The good news is that Texas Select Vapor eventually came out with a new line called Trail Chaser E-Liquid, which we reviewed for you when it was first announced.  The Trail Chaser E-Liquid is a high viscosity e-liquid that offer new, unique and delicious flavors more geared towards those who use sub-ohm clearomizers, rebuildable atomizers and high-powered mods.

Check out Texas Select Vapor’s high viscosity line here: Texas Select Vapor | Trail Chaser E-Liquid


iVape was the very first e-liquid brand that my Wife and I vaped on the daily.  The flavors were so unique, far from what was being offered on the e-liquid market, and it was truly a delightful taste with every flavor we tried.  However, we eventually branched away from this brand because it was had a high percentage of PG, and that didn’t suit well with the gear coming out to the vaping market.

The good news is that iVape finally started offering high viscosity e-liquids with its Max VG E-Liquid line.  With this line, you can taste some new and existing flavors that have been crafted for those who use sub-ohm clearomizers, rebuildable atomizers and high-powered mods.

Check out iVape’s Max VG E-Liquid line here: iVape | Max VG E-Liquid

No matter what your favorite brand may be now, we encourage you to revisit the past brands that you favored.  Most of them have updated with you, and many of them are still in the process.  For me personally, it’s exciting to know some of my favorite flavors exist today in high VG.  This opens my daily vape options up greatly and allows me to continue shopping with some of my all time favorite brands.

Do you know of an older e-liquid manufacturer that has updated by now offering high viscosity e-liquids?  Feel free to share them with us in the comments below!