There’s a popular YouTube vape reviewer that has recently joined the cast of a reality television show, but full details haven’t yet come to light due to legal limitations.

This is the last video I’ll be doing for a while — it could be just for a week or two, it could be six weeks.
That’s right, one of our own has made their way to television, but it doesn’t seem as if it’s had anything to do with our passion, vaping.  The YouTube vape reviewer Richard Mallord, which owns the YouTube Channel VapingWithTwisted420, recently expressed in a video that was published on October 31st, 2016 that he would be leaving YouTube for some time.

Richard shared that he would be leaving on November 1st, 2016 to the airport to join the cast of a reality show, one which will allow him to earn big if he becomes the winning contestant.  Before his departure, Richard was excited yet nervous, but he was ready to embark on the journey for a good time.  One thing that Richard told himself before he left was that he “wasn’t going to try to force himself, and just have a good time.”

Just one month later, December 2nd, 2016, Richard uploaded a new video to his channel announcing his return.  In his “Guess Who’s Back?!?!?!?!?” video, he tells his viewers that he’s back from the reality show, but he isn’t allowed to release many details due to legal limitations, but wants to share as much information as he can.  With that being said, Richard said that the show should air on television around April 2017, and he would be present in the show.

In addition to the released information by Richard, he says that there were celebrities involved, no television access, no mobile phones, and that he was ultimately cut-off from the world.  However, he did say that he was able to bring his vape setup along with him, which was the Smok Alien Mod and a Herakles Pro Sub-Ohm Tank. During his time on the show, he was bitten by insects and had an allergic reaction that forced him to go to the hospital.  Obviously from the video that he published of his return, he made a quick and easy recovery.

Richard or as most know him by “Twisted420”, also shared in the video that in his YouTube videos he’s able to cut-out what he does and doesn’t want viewers to see, but what they’ll see on the television show is him at his most vulnerable, expressing that during the show he cried a lot, acted like a little bitch at points, and even got butt naked!

Due to the conditions, which seems as if he was on the cast of Survivor, Richard says he lost about 20lbs of weight, which has now sparked a new idea for a lifestyle change where Richard would undertake a body transformation challenge.  Anyhow, he went on to saying that he tried to represent the best he could for vaping, and that he educated many people about vaping, but he isn’t certain on what will get aired onto the show.

Richard is excited to be back home, and he’s ready to get back to publishing videos on YouTube.  Other than the information he released in his two most recent videos of his departure and his return, there isn’t much more that we can share about what happened or what reality television show he was on.  If Mr. Mallord contacts us with any information, we’ll be sure to leave an update on this post.

You can watch Richard’s videos and keep up with him on his YouTube Channel, VapingWithTwisted420.