Removing yourself from the traditional analog cigarette can be a hassle and it never fails to give off headaches, cold sweats and discomfort leaving you with days on end filled with discouragement. You can come up with many reasons to put down the cigarettes, but no one has told you the top 10 reasons to put down the cigarettes and give vaping electronic cigarettes a try, until now.

1. The Health Aspect:

Nicotine is not the killer, it’s the 4,000 chemicals in a burning cigarette that kills. When you take into the fact of even the smallest detail of lighting your cigarette, things will become a bit more clear to you. Each time you light your cigarette, pulling in to give the cigarette a good burn to stay lit, you’re taking in butane (lighter fluid) right from the start. With vaping electronic cigarettes, there is no lighter. You press a button for the manual start e-cigarettes or for those that are automatic, you simply inhale.

Tobacco use is the single most preventable cause of disease, disability, and death in the United States. Each year, an estimated 443,000 people die prematurely from smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke, and another 8.6 million live with a serious illness caused by smoking.


2. The Smell and Mess Is Gone:

When you smoke analog cigarettes the smell not only transfers to your hands, mouth and clothes, but it can also transfer to those around you when you’re smoking. Making others around you smell the foul odor  you produce from your cigarette, just because you have a habit isn’t cool. With electronic cigarettes or what we call vaping, there is no odor.

3. Much Cheaper Cost:

With the rise in cost of cigarettes, if you’re still smoking, one of the ways you’re suffering is in the pocket. The average cost of a premium pack of cigarettes with tax are at a high costing you in ranges of $4.74 to $11.90 depending state by state. Here is a list of pricing from each state with tax included as of June, 2011.

51. West Virginia: $4.74 50. Louisiana: $4.82 49. North Dakota: $4.91 48. Kentucky: $4.97 47. Idaho: $4.99 46. California: $5.19 45. Alabama: $5.27 44. Georgia: $5.29 43. South Carolina: $5.42 41-42. Indiana, Wyoming: $5.50 40. North Carolina: $5.51 38-39. Nebraska, Virginia: $5.55 37. Tennessee: $5.56 36. Missouri: $5.58 35. Oregon: $5.59 34. Mississippi: $5.75 33. New Hampshire: $5.87 32. Nevada: $5.95 30-31. Arkansas, Colorado: $5.96 29. Montana: $5.99 26-28. Delaware, Iowa, Kansas: $6.00 25. South Dakota: $6.03 24. Texas: $6.07 23. Florida: $6.08 22. Oklahoma: $6.19 21. Ohio: $6.22 20. Minnesota: $6.53 19. Maryland: $6.70 18. Pennsylvania: $6.80 17. Arizona: $6.87 16. New Mexico: $6.88 15. Michigan: $6.90 14. Utah: $7.22 13. Maine: $7.97 12. Washington, D.C.: $7.99 11. Wisconsin: $8.11 10. Vermont: $8.23 9. Connecticut: $8.25 8. Massachusetts: $8.30 7. New Jersey: $8.35 6. Rhode Island: $8.60 5. Alaska: $9.14 4. Illinois: $9.67 3. Hawaii: $9.73 2. Washington: $9.89 1. New York: $11.90


Purchasing an electronic cigarette is a onetime deal and can start at about $20.00. Purchasing the e-liquid for your electronic cigarette, an average of $0.50/ml for USA made e-liquid, some a bit higher. A heavy two pack a day smoker usually vapes around 3ml’s to 4ml’s per day. If you make the switch from analog cigarettes to e-cigarettes and are trying to eventually quit all together by lowering your nicotine intake and vaping less, you can see how vaping costs can become less and less.

4. Decrease Nicotine Levels As Desired:

Smoking analog cigarettes, you are set and bound to 1 specific amount that is placed in the cigarette, not giving you the option to adjust your nicotine level intake. With vaping, you can decrease your nicotine levels as desired. You can start at the high, which is 24mg and is most common to find in e-liquid, then the option to decrease in ranges from 24mg to 0mg per e-liquid container/bottle.

Having the option to decrease your nicotine intake is great for completely removing yourself from nicotine all together. Quitting the nicotine habit cold turkey can be a hassle, but with vaping, slowly decreasing your level of nicotine can come with great results for kicking the habit.

5. Community Held Events:

An excuse to take trips to places like Los Angeles, Virginia and other places around the world where vapers hold events. It’s a time to have fun, meet other vapers, try new products and reflect on why you made the switch. Attend community held events such as Vapefest and VaperCon.

6. Ability To Vape Indoors:

Have the ability to vape indoors or at work where you can’t smoke. The vapor produced by electronic cigarettes give off no smell, gives off no second hand smoke being that there is no smoke and many public restaurants, stores and buildings let you vape inside. However, always remember to be respectful of others no matter that vapor causes no harm to others.

7. Flavor Choices:

Flavors choices from a fine cigar or pipe tobacco flavor to key lime pie or your favorite dessert. There are many vendors that offer numerous types of flavored e-liquid to suit your needs.

8. Large Community Base:

You won’t find a group of smokers that are as enthusiastic about a product as vapers are. Vapers share knowledge and offer help to those just starting to understand ecigs and vaping. With a large online community base and the word of electronic cigarettes starting to really pick up the public, you’re sure to find a vaper just like you right around the corner.

9. Fires:

Every year, almost 1,000 smokers and non-smokers are killed in home fires caused by cigarettes and other smoking materials.


According to the American Burn Association, about 900 people in the United States die each year in fires started by cigarettes, and about 2,500 are injured. About 100 of the fire deaths each year are children and nonsmokers. Nationally, annual human and property costs of fires caused by careless smoking total about $6 billion. In 1997, there were more than 130,000 cigarette related fires.

E-Cigarettes are non-combustible and do not produce flame.

10. Cleaner:

The impacts of cigarette litter are many (each discussed below):


– Toxic chemicals leach out of cigarette butts & can kill small animals

– Fires (destroys habitats for animals, homes; Economic costs of fires)

– Ingestion by children and small animals which mistake butts for food

– Cost of cleaning up litter & lost revenue from visitors


Cigarette butts are not just ugly—they also present a threat to wildlife. Plastic pieces have been found in the stomachs of fish, birds, whales and other marine creatures that mistake them for food. So ingestion of plastic cigarette filters is a threat to wildlife.


Studies conducted by Clean Virginia Waterways show that the chemicals in cigarette butts easily leach out of the butts, and are deadly to water fleas (a small but important animal that lives in most freshwater lakes and streams as well as the ocean). The evidence indicates that the toxic chemicals leached from discarded cigarette butts present a biohazard to the water flea at concentrations of more than 0.125 butts per liter, or about one butt per two gallons of water. The leach ate from the remnant tobacco portion of a cigarette butt is deadlier at smaller concentrations than are the chemicals that leach out of the filter portion of a butt.


Save the water flea – Vape Hard!

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