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Wismec Reuleaux RX200 200W Box Mod – $59

The Wismec Reuleaux RX200 200W Box Mod just made me happy.  As a vaper and a writer, I rarely get excited over new products anymore. Regardless of their manufacturer or type we have a standard definition in our heads of vaping technology in the marketplace.  The Wismec Realeaux RX 200 is here to...

Electronic Cigarette News

Diacetyl In Vaping – Lets Tell The Truth

For the last 24 hours, my  social media news-feed has been bombarded with share after share of a recently published study from Harvard University.  I have received countless emails from people who have been inundated from non smoking friends telling them to go back to cigarettes because vaping is...

Electronic Cigarette News

GuideToVaping’s List For January 2012

Expect this month of January 2012 to be filled with lots of e-liquid reviews, more focus on our online community news and we’ll also be talking to some doctors. We have around 10 bottles of different flavored e-liquid from different vendors who we’ll be writing reviews for, along with...

Vape Blog

Creating A Foundation To Help Others

From the time I first started vaping, I’ve always had some sort of  passion to share this great experience that I’ve been enduring. I figured “hey it helped me, why can’t it help everyone else also?” – Since then I’ve stuck to the beat of my drum and...

Basic Information

Guide To Quitting Nicotine Completely

Though many like to switch to an alternative source for nicotine, such as electronic cigarettes, not everyone is moving to them with a plan to continue using them. In fact, some switch as a way to ween themselves from it. With out a doubt nicotine is toxic and of course is very poisonous. Although...

Vendor Giveaways

Pink Spot Vapors Giveaway – Giveaway Is Over

Pink Spot Vapors is one of the most friendly and generous vendors here in the e-cigarette market. Not only do they have some delicious e-liquid (Rip Tide, Gummy Bear & PinkSpot just to name a few), but they also have some great products like hardware and ‘swag’ as well. Today Pink...



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Innokin Podin