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A Complete Guide To The Aspire AVP AIO Kit

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Manufacturers continue to deliver an outpour of pod systems, and the latest to be released is the Aspire AVP AIO Kit. It’s a vapor pod system that not only looks outstanding but also offers a slew of features to make it stand out above a pool of others on the market. If you’ve just got the new AVP Kit or if you’re interested in learning more about it, in this article we’re writing up a complete guide to the Aspire AVP AIO Kit, giving you all the juicy details about this extraordinary pod system. Use this guide as an Aspire AVP user manual or just as a quick source to help you better understand the device. If you ever need any additional help with your device, you can comment below the article and other users just like you often chime in to help.

Aspire AVP AIO Kit User Guide

First, we’ll share information about the Aspire AVP AIO Kit, and then share how to use it by writing information to better help you understand the functionality and how to operate the device.

About The Aspire AVP AIO Kit

Aspire AVPThe Aspire AVP AIO Kit is a fascinating device that has been created by one of the industry’s most iconic brands. Just like past devices, it’s made with outstanding quality using zinc and aluminum alloy materials for its chassis, while a carbon fiber inlay is present on both the front and back of its panels for enhanced appeal. The Aspire AVP AIO only stands just 82mm by 39mm by 14mm, making it very compact and portable. It comes with an integrated 700mAh rechargeable battery, allowing it to deliver a wattage range of 8W to 12W. It utilizes a power adjustment button to change from 8W to 10W to 12W and even features a bypass mode for times when charging. Believe it or not but the AVP Kit has a draw-activated firing mechanism, so you’ll never have to fool with a button just to vape. The pod has a 2ML e-liquid capacity and features a bottom fill system and a Nichrome 1.2-ohm integrated coil.

Aspire AVP Operational Information

While the AVP (Aspire Vape Pod) is very easy to use and operate, there are users that are unfamiliar with vaping devices or experience an issue while using it. Hopefully, by sharing this information, you will be able to properly use the Aspire AVP or fix an issue you may be having with the device.

How To Turn The Aspire AVP ON/OFF: Press the mode button five times quickly to turn the device ON. You’ll see an LED light flash white three times to indicate that the device is now on. Repeat the process to turn the device OFF.

How To Vape The Aspire AVP: While the device is turned on, simply take a draw (inhale) from the mouthpiece and the AVP will automatically detect that you’re using it. It will immediately auto fire so that you never have to press a button to vape.

How To Set The Output Wattage: To set the output wattage, press the mode button twice quickly. The LED light will flash different colors three times to indicate the level of output. When it flashes red it’s at 8W, flashing blue is at 10W, and flashing green is at 12W.

How To Fill The Pod With E-Liquid: First remove the pod from the body/housing of the device. Turn the pod upside down and locate the filling hole. Pour e-liquid into the pod until filled. Flip the pod back to its upright position and place it back into the body. The pod will reinsert easily as there are magnets positioned inside to pull the pod back into place.

How To Attach The Lanyard: To attach the lanyard, remove the pod from the body. On the side of the device, there is an eyelet where you can insert a part of the lanyard through. Secure the lanyard to the edge of the device by making a loop and attaching the end of the loop over the hook/peg next to the eyelet. Next, pull the lanyard to tighten. Then insert the pod to continue use.

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  1. What does it mean when the light blinks white? I can change intensity but off or on there is rapid blinking white light. I have had this vape for 5 days now so its still pretty new. never got it wet or dropped it.

  2. This is a pos vape. Had it little over a month no longer works. Will not fire when used any longer but will fire on it’s on randomly and flickers alot.
    Vape store won’t take it back and warenty won’t cover it since I lost my recipt. Do not buy this hunk of junk. I think I’d rather use my wife’s endura t18 this is junk.

    • You have no idea how to use it then.
      I’ve had the same one for 6+ months and only bought a 2nd one so I can have a fully charged one while the first one is charging.

    • You sir for it wet. That’s your problem. Regardless how you say no, the battery inside got wet. Somehow someway. May be mishandling or faulty pod. Number of reasons

  3. Had this pod for oneand a half month and no longer works. The same problems. Nothing happens when inhaling and IF god blessing is flickering with sound of burning liquid and I must turn it off to stop it. It’s getting too dangerous. We re talking about battery problems…
    I will sent it back …

  4. I have the AVP for almost a year now and tends to work great. It does not burn up easily like the other smok pods that i have and the battery almost last all day. Only downside i have noticed over time is the metal casing that the pod sits in must get bent or stretched as i have to wiggle the pod around sometimes or push down to get a connection when taking a draw.

  5. I have had this vape three weeks and only just realised that you can change the wattage. However when I press the button twice, it shows up flashing once green, blue and red. Any ideas?

  6. Love this mod but lost my last one of these so bought a new and filled the pod to prep while i checked the battery. Later on that day i put the pod in and went to hit it and it wont hit. Brand new no clue whats wrong. I know my juice is within the parameters set so here i am. Any clues?

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