After years of sharing information on vaping products, here is one we’re very excited to reveal, the GeekVape Frenzy Kit. It’s a vape pod system that has taken over the category due to its incredible design, many features, and outstanding performance capabilities. In this article, we want to share all of the information concerning the Frenzy Kit by GeekVape. Use it as a guide, user manual, or instruction manual for all things GeekVape Frenzy, and if you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reply in the comments at the bottom of this page, as there are many other vapers within the community that may help.

Guide To The GeekVape Frenzy Kit

In this article, we’ve created yet another guide to help you dissect, diagnose, and ultimately learn more about your GeekVape Frenzy Pod System. GeekVape did not pay us to create this guide for you, nor are they affiliated with this article at all. When we create guides for products, we create them in an effort to help users with specific products, as we know most users manuals that come with these devices lack information and are hard to read due to the language barrier and small printed text. Therefore, we do what we’ve always done, act as the Guide To Vaping. Please enjoy this information and feel free to share it on your socials… it helps!

About The GeekVape Frenzy Kit

GeekVape Frenzy Pod SystemThe GeekVape Frenzy Kit was designed to deliver the best vape possible, and it does this by bringing all of its intricate parts and features into one all-in-one device. It stands just 86.1mm by 37mm by 15.7mm and is constructed of a durable zinc alloy material. On the outside, it has a sleek design that is available in many colorways to enhance its overall appearance, while the inside is really what’s most impressive. Integrated into the device is a 950mAh rechargeable battery, along with an AS Chipset that has several working modes. These modes include a voltage mode, power mode, boost mode, and temperature control mode. It offers coil dependent firing modes, automatic output matching function, and even features an LED battery life and charging indicator light. 

The GeekVape Frenzy Pod is just as vital when it comes to sharing information because, without it, all of those features, technology, and power would go to waste. The pod is refillable and replaceable and features a bottom fill system with dual ports. It offers a 2ML e-liquid capacity and even has a proprietary magnetized gold-plated connection for easy installing and a solid connection every time. To boost its performance, the GeekVape Frenzy Replacement Pod has bottom adjustable airflow control and utilizes GeekVape NS Coil Technology, which consists of the 0.7-ohm NS KA Mesh Coil for power mode, and the 1.2-ohm NS SS316L Coil for its temperature control mode.

GeekVape Frenzy Kit Operation

How To Turn The Device ON/OFF: To turn the device on, press the fire button 5 times quickly within 2-seconds of one another. Repeat the process to turn the device off.

How To Adjust The Voltage/Power: To adjust the voltage, press the fire button 3 times quickly. Each time you do this, it will cycle to another voltage. You can range from low to high, or from 2.5V, 2.7V, and 2.9V.

How To Vape: Press and hold the fire button. The device automatically changes its mode based on the coil that is installed. When you use the 0.7-ohm coil it is in voltage mode, and when you use the 1.2-ohm coil it is in temperature control mode.

How To Display The Battery Level: Simply press the fire button twice to display the current power. A red light will flash 2 times letting you know the battery is between 0-30%, a blue light will flash 2 times letting you know the battery is 31-69%, and it will flash green 2 times letting you know the battery is 70-100%.

How To Replace The Coil: To replace the coil, first remove the pod from the device. On the bottom end of the pod is the adjustable airflow ring. Pull the adjustable airflow ring, and underneath it is the coil. Replace it with a new one and reinstall it.

How To Fill The Pod With E-Liquid: To fill the pod with e-liquid, first remove the pod from the device. On the bottom end of the pod there is a plug. Open the plug to expose the dual fill ports. Pour e-liquid into the ports to fill the pod. Next, close the plug to seal it off, then reinsert the pod back into your device.

How To Adjust The Airflow: To adjust the airflow, simply rotate the adjustable airflow control ring located on the bottom of the pod. You do not have to remove the pod to adjust the airflow.



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