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A Complete Guide To The Reuleaux RX2/3

West Coast Vape Supply

Getting Started With The RX2/3

Turning The RX2/3 On-Off

As with many devices on the market, hitting the fire button 5 times quickly will turn the RX 2/3 on or off but the maximum power level is regulated by the number installed in the device. The magic of modern technology, with the help of a couple of leprechauns, does all of the hard work so you don’t have to.

Adjusting The Wattage

The Up/Down button beneath the screen make all of the adjustments simple.  Make sure that you know the safe resistance brackets for your coils, the upper and lower limits and just aim for spot in there that vapes the way you want it to.  Depending on the configuration, you will be able to hit 160 watts with 2 batteries or 200 watts with 3 batteries, as long as the device believes that your coils are set up to handle that much power without damaging your batteries or the mod itself.Reuleaux RX2/3 Mod Screen

Adjustment Lock

If you are anything like me, accidentally changing settings is a common and annoying occurrence.  Press and hold the Up/Down buttons together until the lock screen appears.  When the lock is engaged, performing  the same action will unlock the device.

Stealth Mode

When the device is on, holding the Fire and Down buttons together will essentially turn off the screen when the device is in use.  Great for saving battery power and comes in handy when you don’t want to light up like a Christmas Tree when you hit your mod.

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Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall

Avid Vaper, advocate and cloud chaser. Writer for 3 vaping websites and broadcaster/presenter as Vapin Demon on Coast 2 Coast Vapers. Originally from Manchester, England, I got bored one day and moved to the USA. Vaping saved my life and my aim is to save as many others as I can.

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  1. “Wattage mode is great for working with Kanthal or NiChrome coils”
    Wattage mode is only for Kanthal and SATAINLESS STEEL. NiChrome can not be ran in wattage mode only temp control.

    • Incorrect. Stainless and NiChrome are fine for wattage mode. NI200 is unsafe for wattage mode. NiChrome is fine.

    • No, not correct. You can run both stainless steel and NiChrome without temperature control. In fact, before temperature control was around, people were running NiChrome in regular wattage mode for the simple fact of its immediate ramp up time and low resistance.

  2. So I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I cannot get my rx2/3 to stay on temp control when I select the M1. I am using Kanthal, but the mod should stay where I set it; or am I wrong about that.

    • You need stainless steel

    • You can’t use temperature control with kanthal wire only nickel, titanium or stainless steel.

      • Only 2 mods currently exist on the market for TC with Kanthal and the results are a bit dodgy. In the case of the Hohmwrecker G2 which I own, I can confirm that Kanthal TC works but isn’t as sensitive as other metals. It’s definitely possible to lightly burn the cotton before the mod reads a significant enough change in the coil to react. To my knowledge, TC with Kanthal cannot be accomplished by reading changes in resistance (it changes waaaay too little) but instead has to rely on other factors such as thermal expansion. How does it read that? Beats me.

      • Incorrect. Kanthal’s TCR setting is 002.

  3. Hi can someone please tell me how I can change the voltage as I haven’t got a clue and want to up it?


    • hey just bought the vape ripped it five times walked away came back went to rip it and now it keeps telling me atomizer low or no atomizer. It wont read ammperage or ohms either, i cleaned all the connections and even updated the firmware but nothing happend anyone know whats up with this thing, oh and i tried multiple sets of coils

    • You don’t change the voltage on the RX2/3, you change the wattage. Simply pressing the adjustment buttons up or down will adjust the wattage.

  4. I upgraded the firmware last night, and the battery level indicator has reverted back to a battery level ‘bar’. I previously had the battery level display set to read the percentage, and now I can’t seem to get it back! I feel I’ve tried all the button combinations. I’m wondering if the new firmware has removed the option. Can you help?

    • Hit the fire button 3 times. Then, press the left button 5 times. This will bring you to the battery section. Press the right button. This will change the battery indicator to the percentage display. Also, notice that you can change other items on the display. Personally, I have no need for the puff indicator. That display can be set to show amperage being applied to your coils, as you fire it. Granted, it is a pain to look down at the display whilst vaping, but, again, I hate the puff indicator. lol

  5. Which tank would anyone recommend for this mod ?

    • Depends on what you’re going for more, higher or lower wattage? Which is more priority, vapor or flavor?

      • I have the same question. Best atomizer?

        • I personally recommend the Smok Baby Beast Sub-Ohm Tank, iJoy Limitless XL Sub-Ohm Tank, or the Aspire Cleito 120 Sub-Ohm Tank if you really want to pump out clouds. However, when I’m not trying to throw out large clouds in my house, you’ll find me using the Kanger TopTank Mini.

        • I have the big baby beast in mine and bought it used and is the best mod I’ve ever used and been baking a while. The RBA with the kids is an unreal vapor producing monster! Love this mod and tank combo!!!

  6. This has helped so much thank you

    • I have the baby beast the cleito and the uwell crown I love ❤️ all 3 the beast had the best flavor.! Also what is the little
      A in the left corner or the releaux and what’s that adjustment for ?

      • hello Are u using original coils or Rba with Uwell?
        if u use Rba wich wire are u using?
        Because i had issue with SS 316 0.5 with Dry hit
        let me know please

      • The new Clieto 120, imho, is one of the best flavor tanks on the market. It also produces massive clouds. I also use my trusty Velocity RDA. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of that amazing device. The last atty that goes in rotation with my RX 2/3 is the Smok TVF4. I use the TF-R3 RBA deck in it. The build on the RBA is 3 stainless steel, fused Clapton coils. This tank probably drinks more fluid than any other atty I own. The same can be said for my first two choices, but they’re not quite as ‘thirsty.’

  7. Ok so I took batteries out to charge put back in keeps saying check batteries. I’ve done everything

  8. Great guide, well written concise, and clear. Easy to understand for a noon like me!?

  9. I keep trying to upgrade the firmware but the software never recognizes the mod. I have tried it numerous ways. Any tips or tricks? I checked and it is currently running 4.02.

  10. I put some Clapton coils in that read like .96 its 26/32 ga Kanthal 3mmID 14 wraps in my Kennedy 25 2 post and it only let’s me fire up to like 87 watts. Is that normal? Is it too high a build? I wanna get some wire I can do temp control with soon.

  11. Hi, thanks for the guide. I am using smok baby beast coils and I’m not able to choose the mode TC SS. it always go back to variable wattage. Do you know why?

    • I assume that it recognizes that the coil you’re using isn’t using stainless steel wire. You only use the SS temperature control mode when the coil that you’re using is an actual stainless steel coil. I believe the coil you’re using is Kanthal wire, meaning it would need to be used in Wattage mode.

  12. can someone please tell me how I can change the voltage . it was 5.53v but now its changed to 3.30v !!
    i dont know how!!!!

  13. Seriously don’t buy this junk mod. I’ve been back and forth with Wismec for 3 months now (warranty is now up) and they’re not doing anything for me. Before you decide to read further, know that I’m not alone in this– it’s all over forum’s.
    The 510 pin is garbage and WILL DEFINITELY screw up on you eventually, it’s just a matter of time. First, it’ll misread resistance. A few pulses, some cooling, unscrewing the tank and firing, etc— you might be able to get it to ask you if it’s a new coil. Hopefully the coil hasn’t become heated enough from pulsing to read improperly. The mod absolutely refuses to let you stay in TC mode unless you pulse it a few times before drawing. Otherwise, you’ll be kicked out of whatever setting you have it to and defaulted to 20 watts VW mode. Sometimes it won’t read atomizers at all and insists that all atty’s are damaged. This will go on for about half a day until it magically decides to work again. It’s not my coils, it’s not my atty’s– none of my other mods are having these types of problems. It’s definitely this piece of junk. I’m not alone either. A quick google search for Wismec RX TC issues SS316 will bring up a lengthy list. Want to see even more problems? Google “Wismec faulty 510 pin”
    These problems apply to the RX 2/3, RX200 and Reuleaux DNA. I unfortunately am the owner of the RX2/3.
    Wismec still refuses to acknowledge any of these issues and yet they brag about their new RX200S having an “improved 510 pin”
    Thanks guys, way to screw over your current customers. Despite this, I’m still hearing issues about the 200s as well.
    Wismec’s support is the absolute worst. They will blame the problems of the mod on user error (If you knew me and my little vape hobby, you’d laugh at that statement) and when you email them again less than a week later, they act like it’s your first time addressing the issue and will throw out another cookie-cutter response, often referencing you to a page in the e-manual.

    • Yeah-I am now on my 3rd one of these in 3 weeks.. The first stopped recognising any atty’s. Shop replaced it for me. Second one just ..died one day later. Brought it back again-gave me another one. Third one-the screen died after less than a week..Mod still fires-but without a screen it’s not much use. I always use separate battery charger, I am using new batteries, no liquid leaks, no dropping it, i have been SO careful -these things are as fragile as an eggshell.

      Totally useless. A shame because I actually really like it when it works-it looks great, feels good, stays charged a long time..

  14. I have a wismec reuleaux rx2/3 after the first two weeks I was having problems with it. The mod kept telling me to check battery. I had it warranty out since it was still new. Now I’m having another problem. The screen is all black and will not light up. I thought it was in stealth mode, so I tried to turn off stealth mode and no luck screen is still black. The device still allows me to vape but I cannot see the screen. Which I cannot see to know when my batteries are dying or what wattage I’m using. I even took it to my local vape shop to have them look at it and they even tried to take it out of stealth mode which is not the problem. Two of the exact same mods in three months C’mon give me a break.

  15. The mood is working but the screen is off

  16. Im having problems with my device staying in temp mod and I am using as reading .2 ohms

  17. I dropped my reulexaux rx2/3 in water. Is the a way to get the water out.

    • Did you get this sorted in the end?

    • Yes, the best thing to do is immediately turn the power off, remove the batteries, and then place in a container of rice for a day or 2. I know this post it 4 days too late so that advice no longer applies. By now all the water would be evaporated, and the damage will have been done. the extent of the damage all depends on how long it was in the water and if the devices’ power was on when it went for a swim. If there was water on the circuit board while power was circulating through the board, the water would cause shorts between the pins of IC’s and micro-processors etc, causing permanent damage. So in other words, you’re screwed, unless by some miracle you got lucky and didn’t fry the board.

  18. There is an error on page 4. The ” Locking in the resistance section “, no longer works. I just installed the latest firmware upgrade, version 4.13. Long holding the fire and up button activates the new preheat function. I’m not sure if they deleted the ability to lock in the resistance or changed the procedure to activate it.

  19. Wow…I read all these negative comments on this device, now I am getting scared to use mine any more. I have RX 2/3 and have no problems with it, I use it in temp mode SS and power mode but mostly temp mode and never had a problem with it, I only use the three battery option and use it everyday all day. It is about 4 months old now, man I hope it keeps going, its a very nice mod!

    • Keep vaping as you were and enjoying your device. You got an awesome mod for a low price. If it goes out at any point, just know that you vaped it to the fullest and got the best satisfaction for the time it functioned correctly. I wouldn’t read too much into some of these comments. Understand that the thousands and thousands of people that own this specific device aren’t commenting just to say “hey mine works great”.

      • Had mine one week and the screen is black! Can’t afford to enjoy a 50$/week mod and that’s not counting batteries and juice. I use a viva nova on 7watts! I don’t think I was abusing it! Now since I can’t afford 50$/week for a new mod, I get to take it apart and solder this junk back together! If you can’t solder, don’t buy a wismec! Can’t believe you told people to ignore comments! Guess your out for what you can get from wismec and not your readers! Doubt you’ll respond
        Sincerely, Preston Caldwell

        • And by the way, Roll Tide.

        • Actually, I don’t remind responding at all. I’ve used my RX2/3 for the longest, and then when I was done with it my wife started using it. She still uses it to this day with no problems at all – not a single one. As for your screen going black, I’m sorry you’re having issues, but just because you are a few other people have issues, that doesn’t mean you can label the brand and the products it puts out as bad or low quality. As a reviewer, I’ve had plenty of Wismec product and I’ve never had an issue. It’s unfortunate that you are having trouble with yours, however. Do not solder anything nor take it apart. If you’ve only had the device for a week, I’m sure you can contact the store you purchased it from or Wismec support to replace the unit.

  20. 5 days ago i bought a reuleaux rx 2/3 and in the past i used kanthal builds. Now i use ss 316. I am trying to understand tcr and tc mode for ss but i find it difficult to understand. I need guidance.If anyone can help out it would be much appreciated.
    So let me give you my details.
    I have a griffin 22rta dual coil build, 3mm inner diam, ss316 9 wraps each coil, 26g spaced. my total res comes down to 0.31ohm.
    i got no problems vaping at vw but i want to try tc mode ss and tcr.
    i put all the above info at steam engine and i get this…TCR in vaping range 880 ×10-6 at the results on the bottom left blue window, so i go to tcrm1 and i put instead of 80(default value) 88 and i always get temp correction from 100 celsius to 300. I usually vape at 35w to 55w.
    No matter how i readjust the temperature in the main screen (starting from 100 degrees all the way upto 300) when in tcr m1 mode at 88 value i get temp correction and no vape.
    Then i thought since the coils are 2 maybe i should increase the tcr M1 value to 88 X 2 = 176 which i did. By doing that it seems to be vaping ok and now i vape at tcr M1 176 value with temp at 175 ~190 celsius at 35 ~55w depending on how i want my vape warm …thick…
    It seems to work.
    Is this the proper way of thinking and working with tc mode and tcr?
    Please someone to explain?i m so confused on whether i am using the correct tcr value from steam engine as well as the rest parameters such as wattage, main screen temperature etc…
    Could someone shed some light?
    i am trying to find clues and answers at utube and elsewhere and i cannot understand this thing.

  21. hello everyone
    I have a problem and i was hoping if anyone can help me on this.

    i have the Reuleaux RX2/3 a brand new one actually because i broke the last one, and i have an ASPIRE CLIETO and one i install it, the device simply wont recognize it, and when i press the fire button, the device will give me an error ‘ NO ATOMIZER FOUND ‘

    What can i do to solve the problem ?? please help, i cant believe i broke another brand new device…

  22. 5 wrap 3m alien dual coils on Apocalypse RDA V2. Jaybo is loaded with 2 3000 m batteries. Problem with slow slow ramp up time. WTH?? Help

  23. Looking to buy but have questions. How long for a response here, do ya think

    • I don’t sell the Reuleaux RX2/3, I just guide you to a website that I recommend to purchase it from. You can click on the buttons to visit the site to purchase it. If there’s anything I can help you with, just ask and I’ll respond.

    • Need an extremely durable unit, looking for great vape and clouds and good battery life when in remote areas. Charging avail w/usb, battery charger and wall charger?

      • Then this is a solid device for you. It offers the ability to use 2 or 3 batteries (great battery life), it has great quality, especially for the price, it offers a consistent draw, and it comes with a micro-USB cable so charging the batteries in the device is an option. There is no wall charger… you’ll need to use your own wall charger.

  24. Does anyone know if you can adjust the screen brightness on the RX 2/3?

  25. I found that if you press and hold the fire and up buttons at the same time you’ll get a Logo and Preheat options (when in VW)

  26. Having a similar issue to which I seen the post initially. I thought it was in stealth mode but it will not turn on nor will it reset. I was hoping that after taking out the batteries it would reset. I’m having some difficulties with this mod and already have had it replaced once after 3 days of purchase. Hoping I didn’t waste $200 on the setup period I would really appreciate your help thank you

    • I hope you didn’t spend $200 on it… anyways, make sure it isn’t your batteries, and if not it’s probably dead. Take it back to the store you got it from to see if they can replace it.

      • Thank you for the reply. What happened was it was a kiosk in a mall and I got the super beast tank along with a few juices. The only issue is I got it in San Antonio I’m currently in Birmingham Alabama. I may just act as though I purchased it from a different dealer. They usually don’t know the difference when they’re at a kiosk. Thanks again

        • Ah, ok. I’m in Dothan. Don’t screw over the sellers my man. Just spend $30-$40 and order a new device online. I can find you some incredible deals.

  27. does anyone know how to change between the modes and keep it in the mode you want it to be?

  28. Anyone know how to fix the button? Mines still presses but it doesn’t fire. Can anyone help with that

  29. How is this for you. I just picked up a second 2/3 because the first one’s screen decided to die on me after 4 months. I literally take ithe new one out of the box, toss in some batteries and update the firmware. Upon completion the mod starts to smoke from both vent holes. I grab it to toss it outside just in case the batteries vent, it won’t be in the house. As I pop the usb cord out of the device my computer makes a popping sound and smoke starts coming out of it. I get the mod outside and pull the batteries out. No venting, no nothing. Basically the mod shorted then shorted my computer. I can’t wait to see how they try to dodge this…

  30. Why my rx2/3 connot reach a wattage 150 only 97.3 and connot go up. I use 2 batt with 3500mah.i update firmware but steel 97.3w.what is the problem on my rx2/3?coul any one help?thnx and god bless us all

  31. Wow! I’ve never seen such a piece of crap as this mod. Replaced 2 within a month because of the “check battery” message. Finally solved the problem by purchasing a Segelei. Blake are you on their payroll or just in their back pocket for free merchandise in exchange for good reviews and excuses for unacceptable quality? Let’s see what you have to say to thousands of people who have had the same proven problem with this junk mod…

    • Excuse me? On their payroll? Is this a joke? I hope it is, because if you actually read the title of this article it is simply a guide helping users with the Reuleaux RX 2/3, and not a review. However, I did review this product and I gave it a fantastic review. But why? Well, considering my RX 2/3 is still working, and in perfect condition, after being used nearly every single day since it was sent to me, I consider it a great mod. It sucks that many others are having issues with their RX 2/3, but I (or actually my wife since she’s the one that has been using it) have not had a single problem with it. Please do not accuse me of being on a manufacturers payroll. I’ve been in this game since 2011 doing this same thing, helping vapers in any way possible. If you want to fuss at someone for your mod not working, try reaching out to the manufacturer, not the person that is trying to help you. SMH.

      • No. My post isn’t a joke. How much did you pay for the mod that you like so much? Answer that if you think it’s a joke… I bet you didn’t spend a dime if your hard earned money like the other people on this page who have complaints and problems with a mod that Wismec won’t do anything about even though it’s supposedly under warranty…

        • I do hope you understand that manufacturers and vendors send me products for free and in return I review them, telling viewers of my website what I think about them, as well as giving information on them. However, the post you are commenting on isn’t a review, but instead a post that was created to help those who own the device. Anyhow, no, I didn’t purchase the device. But you answer me this, what does that have to do with anything? Just because I didn’t pay for it, it’s supposed to not work for me and I’m supposed to not like it… just because you’re having issues with yours? Don’t be mad at me bro, be mad at the manufacturer. You think just because I tell people I like the mod and that it performed well for me that it automatically makes it okay for you to take your anger out on me, again just because YOU are having issues? I think you are a little confused on this situation.

  32. I have a dripper and I can’t remember the size of coils i need that will work for my mod, the ones i got, once put on and wicked and everything there is a burn spot idk what i did but i need help like now!

  33. Hey guys, im a noob and just got the rx 2/3 mod recently. I let my friends try it out and they kept changing the watts until they did something to it. Its stuck at 61.0 watts and i cant change it because it always says “key lock”. I asked my friend what he did to it, he just held down the down bar from 70 to 61, then tried lowering it to 60.5 but couldnt because it kept saying “key lock” help? I dont know how to undo it.

  34. The reuleaux 2/3 is a piece of junk. It’s had the shortest life span of any mod and I’ve owned many different mods. It’s has to do with the tiniest gauge wire going to the spring loaded battery terminal below the 510. It’s just snaps off rendering the thing useless with a check battery error.
    And if you use any smoktech tanks such as the tfv4 is voids the warranty lol

  35. I’m using the rx2/3 with a kangertech suntan mini .5 ohm coils. I’m wondering what the best setup Is? This is my first reuleaux also

  36. I own the RX2/3. I also purchased the SMOK Cloud Beast King TFV12 with the RX2/3. I believe something is wrong. The beast after 1 week gives me a horrible burnt taste and the rx2/3 within 6 weeks won’t work. I am using 2 mxjo 3500 3.7V batterries, fully charged, and it keeps telling me to check batteries. I then put in the 3rd battery and now it works. How do I fix this.

  37. Im using this mod for 3 months paired with griffin 25 plus as my atomizer. Usually my build is around 0.20 ohm as average. And recently, I shifted to clapton coils using 26/32. My ohms reading raised to 0.93. And now, my max wattage is up to 39 watts only. Do you know why my ohms build is to high? And may wattage is up to 39 watts only?

  38. I have the reuleaux 2/3 and run in on vw mode runs great at 150 never had a problem with it apart from juice leakage as I didn’t have tank on tight enough,love mine!! Maybe all the moaners don’t know how to use it properly?

  39. Hello & help, can’t figure out how to turn it from Fahrenheit to Watts on the front screen?? Even weirder, if I push the button thinking 450 Fahrenheit would be in the 13.8V range I like to smoke wax @ when I hold the button down it switches to multiple setting of Fahrenheit, temp protection comes on, the wat window says .9w then 22.w, 8.5w protection, keeps going, confused???

  40. I can’t chane watts on my rx2/3 but if I remove my atomizer it lets me increase my watts. Please help. Thank you

  41. I wanted to purchase the rx 2/3 and wanted to use a reux tank with ceramic coils. Has anyone tried this combo.

  42. I have arco2 tank and arco2 sub-ohm SS coils 0.2, been trying set it up properly with the RX2 mod for weeks and it’s not doing it right, harsh all the time & can’t take more than short breath else it burns… i’m new to this all. What am I doing wrong? I researched and followed the advice above, tried to change the setting to TC SS set to 160’C, 80w & AMP. Then put in a new coil & set the resistance (I think) when put it in, like it says it this advice above. But it won’t stay on the TC SS setting, and immediately reverts to Power setting. And on Power setting of 80w (which my coil is supposed to need) it makes it 4.29v (which I hear is a lot?!)
    I’m just lost…..please help this super newbie!!

  43. So I use my reuleaux 2/3 on the vw setting it normally changes the wattage and the voltage with the arrow keys but for some reason the arrow keys will now only change the wattage have been looking for a while to try to figure it out but haven’t found anything was hoping someone here would have the answer thanks

  44. I have the wismec reuleaux rx 300, ok so my mod got put on stealth mode, then the I was trying to take it off I’ve locked the fire button, now I can’t get my mod to work and I can’t see to know what I’m doing. So now it just won’t work. Plz help br I throw this thing in the river!!!

  45. I’ve never had anyone owe me their whole life, dang! haha! Not a problem, glad ya found what you need!!! and, CONGRATS!!!

  46. Dude I owe you my life lol. I was searching online for half an hour because my stupid ass locked my screen and I just quit smoking like two days ago lol.

  47. If you are vaping on a Reuleaux 2/3 yes you can. hold the down and up buttons down at the same time for 3-4 seconds and on your screen you should see key lock. To unlock do the same thing and on your screen you should see key unlock. to turn your logo off just press and hold the fire button and the up button at the same time for 4-5 seconds. If you need any more info email me at [email protected]

  48. How in the hell do I get this shit to work rite. Exp. I can use the alien mod with baby beast tank and rip it like no other no problems. I have my rx 2/3 on vw mode with the baby beast no matter what setting I have it in or juice that’s in it I’m getting a rough hit that makes me cough hella hard an almost die what is the issue

  49. People are complaining because wismec is manufacturing a faulty product!

  50. Don’t know why so many are complaining about the rx2/3. I have tons of mods and its one of my favorites. Never had any issues. And then it takes custom firmware and icons to make it even better. Most of those complaining just sound like you have no idea what you’re doing. I have 2 Sigelei, 2 Kanter boxes, smok ultra x cube ultra (my current favorite), alien, and a few others and the rx2/3 is my 2nd favorite right after the x cube ultra. I have a few tanks and tons of RDAs, RDAS, etc and no issues. Watch a YouTube video or somethin people.

  51. Anyone know if it’s possible to lock your voltage instead of your watts?

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