If you’re looking for help with your SMOK T-Priv Mod or just need a bit of guidance on how to operate it, we urge you to read over this complete guide to the SMOK T-Priv Mod. This guide will serve as a detailed user guide and a manual describing all the information you need to know about this product, its features, and how to operate it. When someone is having trouble with their SMOK T-Priv Mod, want to know more about it or looking for the best place to buy one, please refer them to this page. We appreciate all of your support in exchange for this detailed guide to the T-Priv. If you have the spare time, we feel you would enjoy reading about the SMOK T-Priv and other SMOK mods in our top 5 best SMOK vape mods post recently published on this site. Check it out!

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SMOK and The New T-Priv Mod

The SMOK T-Priv Mod has come at the height of SMOK’s within the vaping market. The brand continues to drop new and creative mods that have changed the game of vaping for years to come. Though its remarkable designs, quality materials, and advanced chipsets are rather fascinating, the performance and affordable cost of these SMOK branded devices are the very reasons why products like the T-Priv have become so popular. It has also helped that the T-Priv features very cool and colorful LED’s that light up its housing. In any case, the SMOK T-Priv Mod has been on the sights on many and this guide will help you through the process of learning about it and how to use it. This mod is available as a stand-alone unit or in a kit. We will cover both in this guide.

NOTE: There are several pages in this guide. Please visit each page to learn more about the SMOK T-Priv 220W TC Mod.

About The SMOK T-Priv Mod

The SMOK T-Priv Mod is the latest generation of the Priv series developed by the manufacturer and brand, SMOK. It offers an agressive appearance filled with fascinating LED lighting, superior quality and durability, as well as a nice performance output to complete the brilliant addition to the vaping market. The T-Priv is available as a standalone unit or comes as a complete kit. Many vendors are selling the device as a kit due to its low price and included SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank.

smok t-priv modThe SMOK T-Priv is constructed of zinc alloy and offers a comfortable and easy to use firing mechanism that allows you to simply squeeze to fire. There are two adjustment buttons that rest just below the top mounted OLED screen. The OLED screen features a vibrant display resolution and comes icon based, meaning it’s easy to see and makes navigating its menu even easier than ever. As many are aware, the SMOK T-Priv Mod has an aggressive appearance and that mostly stems from its design and LED lights on the device. There are 9 total colors for you to choose from, as well as different light display styles and various allowed times, like always on, screen on, while vaping, or off (although I couldn’t get the “off” to work). Along with several other small features like a stainless steel 510 threaded connection with a gold plated center pin, the SMOK T-Priv also houses two 18650 batteries that are held in by a hinge and lock battery access door (the batteries are sold separately). As for the performance, you’re gifted with the capability of reaching up to 220 watts of vaping power, a low 0.1 minimum resistance while in its wattage mode, and then there’s also three setting output modes that will allow you to take advantage of Hard, Normal, and Soft settings to customize the output. Lastly, this remarkable mod also offers a full temperature control suite with adjustable initial resistance, adjustable TCR, preheat capability, a low 0.06 minimum resistance while in its TC mode, and the ability to range from 200 to 600 degrees.

The SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Tank is a sub-ohm tank that features a 24.5mm diameter, it’s constructed of stainless steel and glass, and offers up a large 5ML e-liquid capacity. It also comes equipped with a hinge and lock top fill system for easily filling the tank, and utilizes dual adjustable airflow control for an enhanced airflow. Lastly, an 8.5mm delrin drip tip is included, along with two coils from the SMOK Baby Turbo Coil Family, which means you get the V8 Baby T8 Coil capable of up to 100 watts and the V8 Baby Q2 Coil capable of up to 80 watts.


A Complete Guide To The SMOK T-Priv Mod
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A Complete Guide To The SMOK T-Priv Mod
Scroll throughout our complete guide to the SMOK T-Priv Mod and learn everything about one of the industry's hottest devices in this awesome guide.
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  1. I recently purchase the t priv kit and I don’t have the numbers anywhere on the box it came in or anyplace else. What are my options to get registered?

  2. When I go to the temp settings and go though it says coil n1200 t1 and steel idk which one I should use and if I set my wattage to what the coil says its popping and spitting. On a v8 .15 ohm quadruple coil I can’t get above 30 watts or I’m sucking in juice

  3. T priv mod keeps over heating, batteries were once put in the wrong way and it made a pop noise, since then it gets extremely hot wether or not being hit. The mod gets hot, not the batteries, what can I do to fix this, interesting in fixing it and can take it apart to do so

  4. Is there a way to change the draw length timer. I know it’s set to a default 12 seconds. I would like to reduce that to 4 to 4.5 seconds. Is that possible?

  5. I locked my vape and when I unlock it it unlocks. but, I try to vape and it says it’s locked, try unlocking it again says it unlocked but continues to be locked.

  6. Great review, very informative as I am quite new to vaping. My husband is quite experienced so I had help and suggestions, although he said the T-Priv was too much for a newer user. Bc of the 220w I guess? Though it’s set at 60w with the V8-Q2 coil. Ha I do not yet understand wattage and voltage, it has been a great experience and mod imo. I started with a Sigeli mini book (I do believe that’s the name) but it was old and had been dropped numerous times while my husband was using it at work, a bricklayer on scaffolding all day so no drop could be”okay” lol. Charging port also had been broken so I had to remove the batteries and put them in a charging box thing and wait hours to be able to use it, which led to lighting a cigarette, which is what I was trying to leave behind. I didn’t know SMOK recommended removing the batteries to charge, I like that I can use the T-Priv while charging but try to do so as little as possible. I have many questions and will hopefully eventually understand upon researching and reading. I enjoyed this review very much, learned alot I didn’t know but still not really knowing the difference in wattage, voltage, except obvious power and whatnot, am still in the dark about that stuff for now. We watch The Vaping Bogan ALOT but actually reading this review more informed me than watching a 3-5 min video. I have alot to learn but have been a rather heavy smoker for 22 yrs, decided to try vaping to see if it would satisfy me like a cigarette would and actually enjoy vaping much more and barely a month in, I already can breathe better, taste and smell better. And im already down from 18mgs to 6mgs nicotine. So it’s definitely a mental kinda thing for me, that motion of putting it to my mouth, the feel of the hit to my lungs, but more vapor output doesn’t really matter to me. ??

        • Remove your tank, and hit the fire button till it says no atomizer. Once it says that, release the fire button and screw the tank back on. Hit the fire again and now it will give you the old coil rating and new coil rating. Hit the left/right button to highlight new(even if they are both the same rating) and hit the fire button again. Your mod is now correctly paired with the coil. Happy vaping

  7. I am new to vaping and I have no idea what I am doing. Lol
    But I was messing around with my vape and I accidentally changed the temp and i have bi idea what is was on before. I and Afraid that I messed it up. I have the octuplet coil in and it is 0.15and best between 50-110w. What is the normal temp it should be at?

    • I doubt you’ll find any coil head that’s capable of 220 watts. Often times these manufacturers hype up a product by sharing its large wattage capability but doesn’t do much good being as tanks won’t reach those numbers. You can reach those numbers with a rebuildable atomizer, however.

  8. My T-Priv is acting up i got home and got it to smoke and when i pressed the fire button it was at 6.00 and the up and down buttons will not work and when i press the fire button again the mode screen pops up and wont let me do anything

  9. is it normal for the temp control to not match what you set it for?

    say it’s set for 400 degrees.. i fire and you can see temp fluctuating but it only gets up to about 250 degrees.. doesn’t matter if i set the pre-wattage to 60w or 90w..

    strange one if you ask me.. other than that i love the mod

  10. I have no idea how to set this beast up. Anyone able to help… I tried following the guide but it just confused me more

  11. My Tpriv was connected to the charger cable charging and shit off and will not come back on even after hitting the fire button 5 times:( suggestions?

  12. My ohms keep jumping up and down and burning my throat. I don’t know what to do!I’ve already tried setting the initial ohms setting. I don’t know what to do

  13. Where do I find screws for the top!? I’m going crazy trying to find them ANYWHERE ….I really don’t want to buy a whole new mod because of two tiny screws! ?

  14. I’m looking for a .PDF version of the User Manual for this unit. Do y’all happen to have a link to that? Thanks

      • Where can I see the user manaual for the T-Priv ? The booklet in the box is only two pages long ! I bought the thing and haven’t a clue how to use it ! I can’t verify it because my phone doesn’t connect to the internet. Hopeless state of affairs. I aren’t bothered about verifying it. I just want to know how to use it ?

  15. I cant get my tpriv to turn on even when I plug it in and it was just working and charging earlier now it’s doing nothing. What can I do to fix this?

    • your best bet is to disassemble it back to how it came out of the box. (First, Remove both batteries and place them on an external charger so that the chips in the mod have a chance to reset while You’re working on the rest of the assembly! Next remove the tank and proceed to disassemble it down to its core components. Thoroughly Cleaning and drying all parts and connections as you go! Carefully reassemble the tank ensuring that all connection points are in secure contact to each other without over tightening! As the coils assembly is just pressed together at the factory rather than being threaded it is REALLY EASY for the coil to pull itself apart as you assemble the tank! {While it is possible to reassemble, it isn’t AT ALL easy and you may end up scrapping a brand new coil due to being overzealous!} Why throw money away if it isn’t necessary? [If using a rebuild-able coil remove the entire coil assembly and proceed to check that ALL connections are clean, free of any gunk or grime like pocket lint, and securely fastened ensuring that the electricity can freely flow! I recommend investing in a coil tester so that you can always tell immediately after the coil/s have been wrapped and installed into your atomizer build assembly not only whether it is working correctly but also what that coil setup is truly capable of! Since coils can be made of different gauges of wire and wrapped tightly around different sized rods or posts with any # of coils stacked up {The amount of consecutive loops between the positive and negative posts} there are “no exaggeration” innumerable combinations with varying outcomes that you could do the math to figure out what exactly you have made but personally I’d rather have the tester do all the math for me!] Once your atomizer has been thoroughly cleaned and reassembled set it aside and first try to install the freshly charged batteries into the mod and try to turn it on without the atomizer attached if it turns on hold the fire button til it tells you to check atomizer then attach the atomizer hold the fire button again and it will ask if is a new coil select yes regardless to re-pair the atomizer to the mod! If this happens repeatedly then your cord connection on the mod itself is likely fried and you will have to have it repaired replaced! If putting the batteries in first doesn’t let the mod reset itself remove the batteries and atomizer assembly again let sit for 5-10 min then assemble the mod and atomizer plug the mod in before the very last step of actually inserting the batteries! If none of that works try a NEW set of batteries before trying to have the mod repaired or replaced as even if the batteries aren’t the issue by doing this it will give you another set to have in use while the other pair is charging on an external charger! If you still have had no luck try the instructions listed in the FAQS to try and un-brick the device yourself! Should that fail also you have exhausted all of the DIY options and now need to seek manufacturers assistance if device is still under warranty to be repaired and if its not under warranty look into finding a replacement device!!!

  16. i have a t priv starter kit and when i go to rest the puffs and wait for it to go into the counter it just goes back to the normal screen please help

  17. I have two Smok vapes, T-Priv 220 and G320. I have up dated the firmware for both. Both will not turn on and the screens will not turn on. Any suggestions?

  18. my t priv is about 6 months old. and now it just keeps shutting off on me. i have to keep powering it back up everytime i want to use it. i’ve tried different batteries. still the same thing. any ideas? is it junk after only 6 months?

  19. ohms on my t-priv are constantly changing from .15 to 4.96..sometimes it goes higher and tells me “ohms too high” i unscrew the tank and start the process over again. it will prompt me in the middle of vaping and ask if i have a new or old coil. this is a brand new coil! it doesnt matter if i select old or new…the ohms are doing whatever they please. sometimes it works for a few minutes without any issues..there is nothing on this forum that is helpful and i cannot find anything else online to help!

  20. The screen on my t priv quit working but the mod would still fire and now it has just quit working all together any suggestions?

  21. Hi my watts are jumping they are not going up or down like normal i vape my dead rabbit on my tpriv at 90 watts and when i move up from 90 it goes to 9.10 then 9.20 9.30 and so on and there is no vapor production

  22. Hey Man If If You actually know of anywhere in the universe where I can get access to the Older Firmware version to even attempt to unbrick this thing then please let me know because mine and many many many other peoples Smok T Priv mods are bricked within a month or two of owning them , I had mine about a month before it started having some screen problems , so finally I thought Hey I know I’ll just update the firmware, and trust me I have gone through all the steps to supposedly successfully upgrade the firmware to 1.0.8 and I have done it over and over and over again a billion times and All I am left with is a paperweight that at best flashes the lights on the side a few times right after I put batteries in it but will not turn on and will not display a screen and will not vape, I have been looking for the Original Firmware for literally like a year or more because that is how long it has been bricked

  23. How do you unlike the vaping power. It is set on 11 and needs to be increased, but when trying to do this it says locked.

  24. My t-PRIV has had no problem for the 6 months that i’ve been using it, then today as i was taking a puff and taking my finger off of the button, it continued to smoke and then it said “TIMEOUT” on the display and it hasn’t worked since. Can’t even get the power to turn it on,..,…..

  25. I install the wrong software on the T-Priv… I want to hardreset the T-Priv or delete the wrong software.
    I had install the VB version and now my Smok dont start… After that i install the second V Version
    (The Tool,hold the Fire button , connect with the usb cable install the software to PASS and release the button)
    It doesnt work …
    I dont like this version of smok

  26. I’ve developed a problem with my T-Private. I install a tank and go through the new-same tank, it reads the resistance then works fine. Then it will show low resistance and won’t fire.Can you lock the resistance to maintain the ohm reading,it starts at.08 then goes to.05 and says too low and no fire


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