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A Complete Guide To The SMOK TFV16 Tank

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In the world of sub-ohm tanks, there are plenty to choose from. Many consumers have been drawn to SMOK’s portfolio of tanks due to their high-performance capability. The SMOK TFV series has been incredibly successful, and they’re continuing that success by developing yet another addition to the line, the SMOK TFV16 Tank. For those that jump on the TFV16 train, we’ve written this complete guide to the SMOK TFV16 Tank, giving you insight and instructions not only about the tank but also how to use it. Stick around, read over the guide, and we hope this article helps you in some way or another.

About The SMOK TFV16 Tank

SMOK TFV16 TankThe SMOK TFV16 Tank is the latest addition to the SMOK family of high-performance sub-ohm tanks. It is said by SMOK to be one of its greatest achievements, since it offers the biggest diameter and largest e-liquid capacity, along with moving into the world of mesh coils for a big return on flavor and vapor production. To give you better insight, this monster of a tank comes in at 28mm in diameter, and a whopping 32mm at its widest point. This gives it enough space to use a large glass bulb, giving it a massive 9ML e-liquid capacity.

The entire tank is constructed of glass and stainless steel materials, and it’s available in a variety of color options. At the top you have an 810 resin drip tip, then just below is a rotating top fill system with a child-safe locking mechanism. Its base features dual slotted bottom adjustable airflow that can be adjusted from the control ring. The airflow chamber has been improved over previous versions, allowing for even more airflow to pass through, causing an enhanced vapor production. What’s most impressive about this new SMOK TFV16 Sub-Ohm Tank is the use of the SMOK TFV16 Replacement Coils, which consists of mesh coils designed to deliver. There is the 0.17-ohm TFV16 Single Mesh Coil, the 0.12-ohm TFV16 Dual Mesh Coil, and the 0.15-ohm TFV16 Triple Mesh Coil.

SMOK TFV16 Tank Operation

How To Verify The Authenticity: Verifying the authenticity of your SMOK TFV16 Tank is important. There are a lot of clones on the market these days, and you’ll want to be sure you are purchasing an authentic product. To do this, you must first download and install the VapingTour App. Next, you’ll need to visit the New Anti-Counterfeiting System created by SMOK and follow the steps on that page to verify the product.

How To Fill The Tank With E-Liquid: Locate the lock button mechanism at the top base of the tank. Press the button and move the rotating base counterclockwise. Next, pour e-liquid into the fill slot and make sure you do not pour any e-liquid into the center air tube. Once you’ve filled the tank carefully close the rotating base firmly. Now let the tank sit for a moment to allow the e-liquid to seep into the wicking material.

How To Replace The Coil Head: To replace the coil head, simply unscrew the base, then unscrew the coil head from the top cap. Now you’ll want to replace the coil head with a new one by screwing in the new coil head and lastly, screw the top half and bottom base back together.

How To Adjust The Airflow: At the bottom base, there is an airflow system. This airflow system has an airflow control ring that will allow you to adjust the airflow. Move this ring to increase or decrease the airflow to your liking.

How To Replace The Glass Section: Just like when replacing the coil head, screw the top half from the bottom base. Then simply pull the glass from the rubber seals. Replace it with a new one, then screw the top half back to the bottom base once again.

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