While it’s more commonly accepted that Uwell is a leader in the vaping industry that specializes in sub-ohm tank systems, the brand has recently expanded its portfolio to offer a wide variety of products, including mods and pod systems. It’s just now making its debut into the pod-based market, and while it’s unsure how consumers will adopt its new products, the consensus thus far with the new pod system is all positive. You must first understand the struggle that Uwell has had when attempting to move beyond sub-ohm tanks, something that Uwell does very well. They’ve made an attempt at rebuildable atomizers, such as the Rafale X RDA and D2 RTA, which didn’t do well. The Nunchaku RDA Kit had moderate success, while the Uwell Crown IV Kit did extraordinarily well. Now it’s taking a step into a new direction with the Uwell Caliburn Pod Starter Kit.

About The Uwell Caliburn Pod Starter Kit

The Uwell Caliburn Pod Starter Kit is a newly added all-in-one vapor pod system that features a sleek design, an innovative dual firing mechanism, and Uwell’s legendary Pro-FOCS flavor technology. The device stands just 110mm by 21.2mm by 11.6mm, giving it a very portable design that’s perfect for those either on-the-go or prefer to be more discreet. While it is compact, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Uwell decided to flake on the quality and structure of the device. The Caliburn is constructed of aluminum alloy to deliver superior strength and durability. It has been designed to not only feel good in the palm of your hand but also to deliver a fascinating appearance, which is available in Iris Purple, Grey, Black, Red, Pink, and Blue color options.

Uwell Caliburn Pod SystemThe Uwell Caliburn differs greatly from other pod system devices on the market as a result of its battery design. Where most pod-based systems have an integrated battery, the Caliburn features a removable 520mAh rechargeable battery, which makes all-day use a breeze. Recharging is clearly indicated as well since there is a LED battery life indicator light positioned just below the firing button. Due to its high battery capacity, you can expect a minimum resistance of 1.2-ohm and a wattage output range of 11W. However, the Uwell Caliburn does utilize a direct voltage output, where the current state of the battery will determine its power output. What’s most impressive about the Uwell Caliburn Pod System is the dual firing mechanism, which ultimately allows you to use the device in two ways; draw activated or button activated. A single round firing button is positioned towards the top half of the device and when pressed will allow you to vape. However, in the event that the button fails for whatever reason, the system features a draw-activated mechanism fault diagnosis, which means the device will continue to function properly and carry out its task of firing when you take a draw.

Another big part of the Uwell Caliburn device is the pod portion of the device, which features refillable 2ML capacity juice pods. These pods have a proprietary gold-plated magnetic snap-in connection, making the installation process easier than ever. The pod has a top fill design, where the drip tip doubles as a fill port cover. There is a 3.5mm fill port and features dual fill ports to make those refills that much easier. Within each pod is a 1.4-ohm coil that uses Uwell’s Pro-FOCS Flavor Technology, which recycles airflow from the atomizer core and loads it with condensed flavor. There are two airflow holes, one on each side of the device, giving the perfect draw each time for an incredible balance of both flavor and vapor.

Uwell Caliburn Tips and Operation

How To Turn The Device ON/OFF: Much like many vape systems, the Uwell Caliburn relies on a button sequence to turn the device both on and off. With the device in hand, press the firing button 5 times to turn the device on. Repeat the process to turn the device off. When storing the device away, in your pocket or handbag, it’s recommended that you turn the device off when not in use. This is an additional feature of the device to protect children.

Device Activation Explained: There is no superior method of vaping by default. In fact, you can use it as a draw activated device or a button-activated device. However, what Uwell has done was made the device to default to the latter in the event that one method fails. For instance, if you’re pressing the firing button and the button isn’t working for some odd reason, the system will automatically disable the button mechanism and resort to its draw activated method.

Understanding The Power Output: The power output of this device isn’t based on a wattage number, however, the manufacturer does share that the Caliburn can reach up to 11W. To achieve the 11W output, the device uses a combination of its coil and battery to deliver the output if the conditions are correct. The Caliburn uses a direct voltage output, which means the power output is determined by the current state of the battery. For instance, if your battery is fully charged, you will receive a better performance than if it were halfway charged.

Uwell Caliburn PodHow To Fill The Pod/Cartridge: Filling the pod is super easy with the Caliburn. Each pod has a 2ML e-liquid capacity with a top fill design. This means all you will have to do is detach the drip tip from the pod itself to reveal the dual fill ports. Once the fill ports are exposed, simply fill the pod with e-liquid until you reach the fill line.

How To Install The Pod: Another fascinating part of the device is its magnetic connection. This magnetic connection makes it so that you can simply slide the pod onto the device and it automatically clicks into place due to the strong magnets that secure it.

Understanding The Pod’s Coil: The Uwell Caliburn Coil is integrated into each Caliburn Replacement Pod. The coil is designed for nicotine salt e-liquids and features a 1.4-ohm parallel coil, which is created to fully atomize the e-liquid and provide a better flavor, a larger vapor production, and a smoother throat hit.


  1. The title of this is “A complete guide”. Sorry that is a fail.
    There is no mention of any sort of e-juice in this article.
    What was the pod designed for?
    VG/PG ratio? Nic salts? 0 nic?
    On the forums, this is the biggest question asked about the Caliburn and you have made no mention at all.

    • 99.9% of all pods are made for nic salts, and most of them can run regular e-liquids with a thin consistency. This is common sense. Nicotine has nothing to do with the pod systems — it makes no difference in the way it performs. Easiest advice I can give you… if you want to run nic salts or cbd e-liquid, go with a pod system. If you want to run regular e-liquids, go with a mod setup. Pods were designed for nic salts in mind — giving little vapor production, little airflow, yet plenty of nicotine without the harsh hit (because of salt nicotine e-liquids).

    • I’ve had my Caliburn for less than a week and I’ve been vaping less than a month; even I know that pod systems require Nic salts with a thinner vg/pg ratio. It’s really common sense. If more understanding is needed, there is quite a bit of information out there on the use and care of your pod system. Quit smoking cigarettes 4 weeks now. Started with Juul and now using my Caliburn. Very pleased!

  2. I think I over filled my Caliburn and now I have this baby draw with a little bubbly noise. I have done my best to clean out the plastic top, the main battery, the bottom without taking it apart. (A guy on YT does that with a screwdriver, looks like he will break the whole thing!) I am squeezing kleenix into a tight pipe cleaner shape to clean the hole at the top in the middle (new to vaping, can you tell lol?) and now I am doing the same for the sensor at the bottom of the pod, it does have juice in it, is it supposed to? Is there anything more I can do, it is drawing slightly better but not like when it was brand new 2 months ago. Is there a way to just dry out the parts? Should i put any water or alcohol in any parts, gulp? Thanks so much for any reply!!

  3. People say that fill your pod once it goes to the ‘min’ mark.. What if I want to change my liquid n flavor. Currently it’s a 3mg eliquid and want to fill a 25mg nic salt. Do I just mix it with the already available liquid or is there a way to remove the liquid and fill from skratch?

    • The only way would be to remove the mouthpiece and drain whatever liquid is left. It’s a shame that the juice intakes weren’t lower to utilize all of the liquid. Seems a bit silly, but for the vape it gives me, it’s a small niggle.

  4. Hi. Am having issues with my caliburn. The automatic draw doesn’t work great now and even while using the manual button now, the draw has become so much tighter.
    Can you pls help on what to do to get it back to it’s original workings?

    • my only advice is try changing pods.i bought a box of pods where the first 2 were duds,but the others have been pretty good.also i noticed that the quality of the draw went down at the same time the nic juice changed color so i changed the pod again and it worked for me.i think most of the operation is in the pods so try a couple of those and if it still happens return it.