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All The Things You Need To Know About The UK’s E-liquid Market

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Whether you prefer to call it vape juice or e-liquid, the vaping industry has been constantly evolving. It is estimated that almost 55 million around the world will use vape by 2021. Vaping is also becoming increasingly popular in the United Kingdom (UK) with the country becoming the second-biggest market after the United States (U.S).

In 2003, Mr. Hon Lik, a medical researcher from China, was on a quest to find a replacement for cigarettes. He manufactured and patented the first modern e-cigarette. The first e-cigarette hit the Chinese market in 2006 before making its way to the UK market the same year. There are many e-liquid products in the UK market currently, such as the V2 Cigs Platinum E-liquids, which offers a safe alternative to smoking. Below we take a deeper look into the UK’s E-Liquid Market to see what it has to offer.

Spending on E-Liquid

The E-Liquid market in the UK is now at peak demand. It is the fastest-growing industry in the country and the second-largest market in the world. More than thousands of small businesses are involved in the production of vape gear. The sales of vaping products had reached £1bn in 2019.

Vape products saw the fastest growth and more innovation in 2019 due to their ease of and use. They are small and easier to carry around and require less maintenance. They also produce less vapor and are more convenient in social situations.

The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 did not have any major impact as most products are sold through retailers. Most supermarkets and convenience stores were not forced to close during the lockdown, unlike non-essential specialist shops. Sales of vape products are forecasted to show positive growth despite the economic recession. This is because users are estimated to continue spending on little luxuries as a relief during hard times.

The UK And US: A Difference In Approach To Regulations

The US which has the largest share in the E-Liquid market has taken a hard-line approach to regulations recently. This is in the wake of several deaths and lung illnesses related to vaping across states. San Francisco for instance has banned the sales of vape products in the city. This move is expected to have a negative impact on small manufacturers in the industry.

The UK meanwhile has well-established regulation for vape products under the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016. Manufacturers must provide the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency with detailed product information. It will be subject to minimum standards of safety and quality with certain ingredients prohibited from its products. Advertising is restricted with labels required to provide all necessary information. This is to protect customers and ensure only top-notch products are sold in the market.

Some High Quality E-liquid Brands In The UK

The Vype ePod is the winner of the UK Product of the Year 2020 awards in the e-cigarette category. According to the company, it always aligns with the guidance provided by public health and government organizations. Over 100 tests are carried out on its products during production to ensure a high standard of quality. All devices are evaluated and certified by independent test laboratories.

Jacvapour is another well-known brand that produces high-quality vaping devices and e-liquids. The company carries out tests prior to mixing the ingredients. Their liquids are tested independently after the mix to ensure high standards of safety. They also offer sub-ohm devices and are available in the UK and Europe.

V2 Cigs is rated as one of the best e-cigarette companies in the UK for producing high-quality vape pens and e-cigarettes. The brand conducts a number of tasting and quality assurance tests during its manufacturing stage to ensure quality.

Many complex methods and state-of-the-art technologies are used in the production of high quality vaping products. With new developments in the world of vaping constantly changing the market, there’s always something exciting for smokers looking for a safer alternative.

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