Cuttwood has finally released a salt collection that people are going absolutely mad for. All of their juices are top sellers so having them as salts now are definitely the main topic for this whole year. This company is known for their potent flavors and the quality of their ingredients is nothing compared to what the other companies use. But to be fair they were one of the first companies to be founded so they got first dibs on everything and still are going strong.

Cuttwood has a variety of creamy and fruity, mainly for those who want all the flavor to avoid going flavor blind so you’ve ended up in the right place to find your soul juice. Each flavor has its own special type of taste so you’ll never find anything else quite like them anywhere else.

Now that they are salts, it opens a whole new world for this company, which we strongly encourage you to give them a shot if you haven’t tried them yet. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Cuttwood SALT Flavor Profile Review

Boss Reserve by Cuttwood SALT 30ml

Cuttwood Boss Reserve SALT

A perfect camping vape juice if you ask me. Honeyed graham crackers with roasted nuts topped with bananas all soaked in some milk. I know you’re probably drooling at the thought of me and trust me I don’t blame you. On the inhale you get an immediate blast of lush flavor that your tongue will appreciate in a heartbeat. The honey-coated graham crackers will go perfectly with delicious roasted nuts hugging onto your tongue. As you exhale the banana and milk will intertwine itself adding more flavor that you just can’t put down.

Tobacco Trail by Cuttwood SALT 30ml

Cuttwood Unicorn Milk SALT

Unicorn Milk is like a fantasy come true. Its savory sensations of strawberry milk will have you so relaxed and quenched it literally takes all your worries away for a split second. On the inhale the delightful taste of creamy strawberry milk will drench your tongue in a pool of light vapor. As you exhale the taste will slowly leave your mouth allowing you to appreciate the flavor just for a while longer.

Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood SALT 30ml

Cuttwood Tobacco Trail SALT

This juice is one of their most popular flavors mainly for its top of the line quality tobacco flavor with just a drizzle of sweet honey. On the inhale the rich tones of tobacco will give you that light muskiness with a hint of caramel running over your tongue. As you exhale you’ll notice a little stream of sweet honey mixture into the tobacco and it only gets better with a pod system since the pull is so smooth it just makes this flavor so extraordinary.


Altogether Cuttwood SALT has exquisite flavors made by their amazing mixers that deserve a lot of credit for their masterpieces. They’ve been around a long time and it’s not for no reason. Try giving them a chance now and you will never have to look back at any other lines again.