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An In-Depth Look: Jazzy Boba E-Liquid

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In the experience I’ve had so far I can tell you there’s nothing that can compare to what I have learned about this company and their juice. Jazzy Boba E-Liquid took it upon themselves to release a new set of juices that has the crowd going wild for what they have chosen to be their main set of vape juice.

A world favorite, Boba Tea. Each tea made with its herbal purity and special little boba balls that hang at the bottom and ready to be sucked up by the consumer. Having it in a vape juice is a whole other story that involves just shock and amazement on how well they did to make these juices taste like your favorite drink Each Jazzy Boba vape juice involves tea of course but each also carries a different flavor. Right now it’s a choice between mango, honeydew, and jasmine tea which is all we need for now because at this point my wallet would be empty if they had more.

Since this premium vape brand baby new it’s hard to give another company a try but why not just try it? You never know what may satisfy those taste buds and maybe just a blast of boba tea vape juice might just do the trick.

Jazzy Boba Vape Juice Flavors

Jazzy Boba

Jazzy Boba E-LiquidJazzy Boba was the first juice that they’ve made in their laboratory and it came out so perfectly delicious, they had no choice but to name their company based off of it. It’s what the people wanted the most, so that’s what they gave them. Refreshing jasmine tea on the inhale as it carries the nice syrupy taste of boba right along with it, almost like sucking it from a straw. In the meantime, the rich flow of milk is with it through it all making a soft and silky hit altogether.

Jazzy Boba Dewwy Boba

Dewwy Boba E-LiquidDewwy Boba was made after they found out how much people loved the honeydew boba tea so they made it into a just as addicting vape juice. On the inhale is the herbal presence of natural boba tea carrying its delicious sidekick, honeydew boba side by side making an already pretty flavorful hit. As you exhale you’ll notice more of the soft milky tones that flow so gently throughout the hit completing it as a definite boba tea imitator.

Jazzy Boba Manggo Boba

Manggo Boba E-LiquidManggo Boba is more of their tropical side and they just wanted to get a little fancy with it. As you inhale the mango boba in the tea stands out a little bit more from just soaking itself in the tea, so this herbal cloud is now a fruity herbal cloud. Tart notes of mango will eventually make its way to mix into the smooth creaminess of lush milk on the exhale.


These three juices from Jazzy Boba are entirely phenomenal and will seriously blow your mind into smithereens. If you’re craving boba and you have come across this small selection of vape juices.

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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