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Have Vape, Will Travel

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It’s summertime and that means you may be packing up to go on vacation or take a trip somewhere. Whether you’re looking to escape the heat or go soak up some rays, you’re going to want your vape with you. I mean, what’s a vacation if you can’t relax with your favorite e-juice? How could you possibly survive your next business trip without that nice nicotine hit at the end of a big meeting?

The point is, vaping is just as essential to most of us as our bag of toiletries or our favorite swimming trunks, but traveling with vapes can be a bit tricky. There’s a lot of important things to know before you set off on your next trip, so let’s break things down as clearly and simply as possible to minimize the hassle and maximize your enjoyment.

Be Prepared!

Unless you’re super familiar with your destination, you never really know what the vape situation is like on the ground. That’s why we always advise travelers to bring everything with them that they might need. This includes stocking up on e-juice, extra batteries, pods, spare parts, etc. Just go through a site like Provape real quick before you head out, and double-check that you’re fully loaded and ready to go. If you’ve already got everything with you when you land, you don’t have to scramble to find a decent vape shop wherever you end up.

Packing Your Bags

There are two key elements to packing your vape supplies. First, you want to make sure everything is safe and secure within your baggage. Baggage handlers aren’t always the gentlest with your bags and vapes aren’t exactly bulletproof. There are a ton of specialized vape cases out there, or you can always just go old school and wrap your fragile Vape Accessories in socks.

The second point to remember when packing is that you should carry your vape accessories in a separate, clear, carry-on bag. This makes it easier for security to see what you have, allowing you to avoid the hassle of unpacking your entire suitcase in the middle of the airport. Remember, security in most airports has become more familiar with vaping in general, but they still need to verify that this is indeed what you’re carrying through their checkpoint. If you don’t have any decent vape cases, you can find exactly what you’re looking for at

Break it Down

You should always take your vape apart as much as possible before traveling. This makes it easier to keep them safe, and it also makes it easier for security to verify your possessions. Again, the easier things are for security, the easier things are for you. A fully disassembled vape kit is much easier to explain than having to go through and break the entire thing down in front of security.

This brings us to another relevant point: empty your Tank! Naturally, if you’re disassembled your entire vape, it’s safe to assume that you emptied the tank but don’t forget! A full tank can lead to all kinds of disasters. Remember, during air flight, pressures change rapidly in the cabin of an airplane. This can cause your juice to expand and blow up your entire vape or, at the very least, leak all over the stuff in your bag. Empty the tank!

Airport Restrictions

While these are some solid guidelines to follow for any vacation or travel plans you may have, be sure to double check the regulations at both your destination airport and the airport from which you’re departing. We always recommend that people carry e-Juice bottles no larger than 30mL, for instance, but you may find airports with looser or stricter regulations than that as well. Learn exactly what they have to say about vaping to ensure that you’re fully in compliance.

While at the airport, always be courteous and understanding. As we’ve mentioned, vaping is becoming increasingly ubiquitous, but rules are rules and safety is always the top priority. Security may need to check and double-check your baggage, so do your best to be patient and work with them. Be prepared to explain vaping as much as you need to in order to proceed swiftly through your security checks.

One more important reminder: don’t vape in airports or on the airplane itself! To illustrate this point, I have a brief personal anecdote.

A few months back, I flew to New York to visit a friend. While I tend to prefer larger stick mods, I often carry a smaller MTL device in my pocket for stealth vaping. Naturally, on the flight, this little vape was in my pocket. When I hit the restroom, I took a couple of quick puffs, not thinking much about it. Immediately, flight attendants were pounding on the door, demanding I open up. They interrogated me, asking if I had been smoking. Since technically I had not been “smoking”, I told them as much. Upon landing, however, security boarded the plane, escorted me off and interrogated me further. While I got lucky that this is as far as things went, I’ve read many a horror story online about similar stories concluding in jail time.

So, learn from my mistakes. Don’t vape in airplanes. Don’t vape in airports (unless clearly marked). Always follow any and all applicable airport regulations to the letter. Remember, when you’re in public, think of yourself as an ambassador for the entire vaping community. By practicing kindness, consideration, and proper etiquette, you do the entire community a favor. Act a fool, and we all suffer!

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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