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What is the Best Vape Juice?

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One of the most common questions asked in the vaping industry is, “What is the best vape juice?”.If you ask a hundred different people who vape every day you will end up receiving a hundred different answers. The reality of this question is that it is completely opinion based!

Here is the kicker: Using things such as popularity, reviews, how many times the e juice is bought, etc.. you can gauge whether or not a flavor is considered to be one of the best vape juices in the industry. This is where E Cigarette Empire comes into play. We have compiled a list based on our own data that we received from the years of us selling vape juice, and with this list, we are able to showcase what some of the best vape juices are in the industry right now!

If you want a more in-depth, informational, and comprehensive list of the best vape juices, you can find it within reach.

Glazed Donuts by Loaded E Liquid

Loaded E-Liquid Glazed DonutsAlmost every discussion about best vape juice, you will hear Glazed Donuts by Loaded E Liquid. Glazed Donuts is a flavor that has been around since the big boom of vaping and to this day remains one of the most sought after flavors in the market. Glazed Donuts has been one of the best selling vape juices here at E Cigarette Empire since the beginning of our time and is also a flavor that is carried in almost every vape shop across the United States. What drew a lot of attention to Glazed Donuts besides the delicious flavor profile is the inexpensive price. For a 120ML bottle of Glazed Donuts, the online price is no more than $13.95. This is an amazing price for the amount of premium e juice you are getting.

The most important factor about this liquid is, of course, the flavor profile. The freshly baked glazed donut profile is one that the taste palate will remember till the end of time. The flavor experience that is produced from this premium vape juice is never fading so each hit is as delicious as the last, which makes it a wonderful all day vape. One thing that we have noticed is that even vapers that do not prefer dessert or pastry flavored liquids are loving Glazed Donuts and even recommending it to others via Product Reviews!

Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100 E Liquid

Naked 100 Hawaiian POGHawaiian Pog is another extremely popular vape juice flavor that is carried in vape shops across the entire globe. Naked 100 E Liquid is a powerhouse of an e juice brand that is definitely considered to be one of the best companies in the world. They have produced some of the best tasting flavors for years now and are a very hot commodity in the vaping industry. From the moment that Hawaiian Pog was released into the vaping market, it instantly exploded. To this day it is one of the most ordered products here at E Cigarette Empire and maintains an average steady 5 star review.

Hawaiian Pog takes on a pineapple, orange, and guava flavor profile that represents that famous tropical drink from Hawaii. From inhale to exhale, the flavor produced from this e liquid is extremely delicious and will leave your mouth drooling for more. The never fading flavor impression makes this sauce an amazing choice for an all day vape. Hawaiian Pog is a household name in the vaping community is an e juice flavor that everyone has tried at least once. If you haven’t and this statement doesn’t apply to you, then you are seriously doing something wrong.

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum

Candy King Strawberry Watermelon BubblegumOh man, oh man. There is a lot to talk about when it comes to Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum by Candy King. There is a Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum drought in the West Coast for one simple reason. The demand is skyrocketing on all charts. Stores are draining manufacturers and distributors faster than anything because vapers across the world cannot get enough of this liquid!

Why? The flavor profile is one of the most delicious things to ever hit the vaping industry. You would think that strawberry watermelon flavored bubblegum is a popular profile, which it is, but Candy King has mastered the recipe and now takes the throne! You will not find a strawberry watermelon flavored bubblegum e juice that is able to compete with the world famous Candy King flavor.

This never fading flavor profile makes for an awesome all day vape, all year round. Another important thing to point out about this premium vape juice flavor is that it is very gracious with cotton and coils. A lot of times, you will find fruit flavored liquids that are packed with sweetener and sugar. In return, this destroys coils a lot sooner than they should be, resulting in an endless money pit. The mixologists over at Candy King not only perfected the flavor recipe but also perfected the way the juice interacts with the coils! You can max out on flavor without destroying the average lifespan of your coil!

No 32 by Beard Vape Co

Beard Vape Co No 32No 32 by Beard Vape Co is another premium vape juice that is being shipped out by the box here at E Cigarette Empire. The demand for this liquid countrywide is immense and it is one of those flavors that are just impossible to keep a surplus of. The cinnamon funnel cake flavor profile is one of the main reasons for its popularity. The dessert-themed flavor experience is one of the tastiest things in the vaping community which is why it is a best seller at any vape shop you visit. The intense flavor production is unmatched and each hit is just as delicious as the last, making No 32 a wonderful choice for an all day vape. Beard Vape Co is a company that has been around since the birth of vaping and they have one of the best reputations in the industry. Known for producing some of the highest quality liquids, anything coming from their factory is considered to be liquid gold.

Killer Kustard by Vapetasia

Candy King Strawberry Watermelon BubblegumWhen Killer Kustard was first released into the market, it really blew up Vapetasia overnight. To this day, Killer Kustard is one of the best selling flavors in the United States and is carried in tons of shops across the world. The simple flavor profile of vanilla custard has been perfected which is why this juice is so popular. The flavor production from Killer Kustard beats all competitors and the experience is delicious, to say the least. You can expect nothing but the best flavors and the biggest clouds from this world famous liquid. Killer Kustard ended up being so popular that two different flavor variations were released, Strawberry Killer Kustard and Lemon Killer Kustard. Both of these newly released flavors are also some of the most popular choices on the market which really goes to show that Vapetasia has mastered the art of custard.


This list can go on and on but you would be here for ages! E Cigarette Empire has tons of recommendations when it comes to choosing the Best Vape Juice for you, which you can find on our blog posts. Happy Vaping and never settle for something less than the best when it comes to premium vape juice flavors!

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