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An In-Depth Look: Sadboy Salt Nicotine E-Juice

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Sadboy E-Juice is the perfect vape juice to meet all of your needs. Sadboy Salts is for sure meant to be your next go-to brand for salt nicotine. Whether you are a fruit vapor or custard Sadboy Salt Nic will have it all. Sadboy Salts is not going to disappoint you except for the fact that you can’t buy an unlimited supply.

Sadboy Vape Juice is known for their social media presence, and there are so many reasons as to why and the main reason? Their undeniable flavor. Time and time again Sadboy has proved that they have superior to any other custard vape juices out there. From their first cookie base to the mix of different topping their sure to be one to please you.

Sadboy Salt Vape Juice Flavors

Sadboy Blueberry Jam Cookie Salt

Sadboy Blueberry Jam Cookie SaltSadboy Salt Blueberry Jam Cookie will shock you with its fantastic flavor. As you inhale Sadboy Salts Blueberry Cookie you taste the freshly made cookie that tastes so good you might get hungry. On the exhale of Sadboy Salt Blueberry Jam cookie you get the sweet blueberries slathered on top. For every puff you take from Sadboy Salt Blueberry Jam Cookie you will be sure to taste the sugary sweet blueberries mixed with the fresh cookies.

Sadboy Custard Cookie Salt

Sadboy Custard Cookie SaltSadboy Salt Custard Cookie is everything you want and more in a vape juice. From creamy custard flavor to the delicious cookie flavor you will love it. As you inhale the Sadboy Salt Custard Cookie you will taste the sweet cookie that you will never be able to get over. On the exhale of Sadboy Salt Custard Cookie the sweet creamy custard overrides all taste and will leave you wanting more. From every inhale you take the exhale will have you coming back for more and more. If you aren’t a fan of Custard Cookie, we recommend you try Sadboy Butter Cookie Salt for the ultimate butter cookie salt flavor.

Sadboy Pumpkin Cookie Salt

Sadboy Pumpkin Cookie SaltSadboy Salt Pumpkin Cookie will be your next love with its amazing flavor. As you inhale Sadboy Salt Pumpkin Cookie you taste the unimaginable fresh cookie that you will love. On the exhale of Sadboy Salt Pumpkin Cookie you taste the fresh pumpkin that will throw you right into fall with every inhale and exhale you take. Sadboy Salts Pumpkin Cookie will be sure to remind you of every good thing about fall from the leaves to Halloween.

Sadboy Unicorn Tears Salt

Sadboy Unicorn Tears SaltSadboy Salt Unicorn Treats is the mystery that you have been missing in life. As you inhale Sadboy Salts Unicorn tears, you get the mysterious flavor that will leave your lips puckered. On the exhale of Sadboy Salt Unicorn Tears you taste the mysterious notes of sweetness that you can’t seem to place. Sadboy Salts Unicorn Tears is sure to bring mystery and delicious flavors in your life.

Sadboy Key Lime Cookie Salt

Sadboy Key Lime Cookie SaltSadboy Salt Key Lime Cookie is the most delicious custard vape juice out there. As you inhale Sadboy Salts Key Lime Cookie you taste the cookie so featured in all of the Sadboy vape juices because of its incomparable flavor. On the exhale of Sadboy Salts Key Lime Cookie you taste the lip-puckering key lime that will have you puckered for days. From flavor to its amazing bottle design you are to love this vape juice.

Sadboy Strawberry Jam Cookie Salt

Sadboy Strawberry Jam Cookie SaltSadboy Salt Strawberry Jam Cookie will have all you custard and fruit lovers rejoice. As you inhale the Sadboy Salt Strawberry Jam Cookie you get the unmistakable taste of their famous cookie base. On the exhale of Sadboy Salt Strawberry Jam Cookie you get the fruity and fresh taste of strawberry jam that you will be sure to obsess over for months. Sadboy Salt Strawberry Jam Cookie will be sure to have you obsessing over it for years to come.


Sadboy Salt vape juice will shock you with their not just their flavor. On top of the fact that Sadboy has proved yet again that they have out of this world flavor, they also a substantial social media following. You know Sadboy Salt only makes flavors to cater to the vape juice world because of their thousands of fans. From blueberries to strawberries there is a Sadboy Salt for you, you have to find it. Don’t hesitate to find the one for they might be gone before you can say Sadboy Salts.

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