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An In Depth Look: The Mamasan Vape Juice

West Coast Vape Supply

The Mamasan is here to offer your taste buds the flavor they have been missing, with every vape juice they have put on the market it has been extremely flavorful. The Mamasan has a vape juice for anyone from their fruits to their custard there is sure to be a juice to drive you wild. Your taste buds deserve to taste vape juices this full of flavor good.

The Mamasan will shake you to your core with its wonderful flavor. From the start, The Mamasan has offered fruit flavors so good you won’t believe that you didn’t bite into a freshly picked juice. The Mamasan custard vape juices are another huge example of that with their exceptional flavor it will taste every time as if they were just freshly made for your enjoyment. From start to finish you will be sure to love every second of these e-juices.

The Mamasan E-liquid Flavors

The Mamasan ASAP

The Mamasan ASAPThe Mamasan ASAP will make all fruit and menthol lovers rejoice. As you inhale The Mamasan ASAP you get the sweet taste of peaches and strawberries. On the exhale of The Mamasan ASAP you get the sour green apples finished off with icy menthol. From the icy menthol to the juicy peaches and strawberries you will be sure to love this juice for years on end. This vape juice will have you running back to grab another bottle before you even run. For every puff you take you will love this vape juice more then you did before.

The Mamasan Bruce Leechee

The Mamasan Bruce LeecheeThe Mamasan Bruce Leechee is the exotic vape juice you have been looking for. As you inhale The Mamasan Bruce Leechee you get the sweet lychee that will send your taste buds on an amazing flavor journey. On the exhale of The Mamasan Bruce Leechee, you get the juicy mangoes after taste that will have you coming back for more. With every puff you take from The Mamasan Bruce Leechee you will be brought back to your favorite beach day memory, with your feet up and drink in hand. From the bottle to the tank there will never be a moment you don’t love this vape juice.

The Mamasan Graham Slam

The Mamasan Graham SlamThe Mamasan Graham Slam vape juice will remind you of your favorite morning breakfast with a twist. As you inhale The Mamasan Graham Slam vape juice you taste the sugary graham crackers that you know and love. On the exhale of The Mamasan Graham Slam, you taste the creamy milk that really makes this vape juice. For the early mornings to the late nights, there is always a perfect time for The Mamasan Graham Slam in your daily life. The Mamasan Graham Slam will be sure to kick your sweet tooth for days to come.

The Mamasan Guava Pop

The Mamasan Guava PopThe Mamasan Guava Pop is for all of you fruity vape juice lovers, from the fruity sensations to the sugary candy notes you will be sure to love this juice. As you inhale you taste the juicy guavas that will transport you to perfect beach day. As you exhale The Mamasan Guava Pop you get the juicy peaches that give it that perfect candy taste. From the fruity sensations to the candy The Mamasan Guava Pop will be the perfect e-juice for anyone. If The Mamasan doesn’t blow your mind with Guava Pop then one of their many other vape juices will.

The Mamasan Purple Cheesecake

The Mamasan Purple CheesecakeThe Mamasan Purple Cheesecake will make anyone stop and do a double take when they try this delicious vape juice. As you inhale The Mamasan Purple Cheesecake you taste the unmistakable flavor of cheesecake that will have you hooked already. On the exhale of The Mamasan Purple cheesecake, you taste the sweet strawberries and cream that will kick your sweet tooth to curb. The Mamasan Purple Cheesecake will be sure to rock your taste buds world with the most flavorful cheesecake vape juice flavor you will ever try. From the custard to the fruit you will be sure to love every second of this vape juice.

The Mamasan Mama Melon

The Mamasan Mama MelonThe Mamasan Mama Melon will make you fall in love with every puff you take from this vape juice. As you inhale The Mamasan Melon you get the incomparable taste of freshly ripe honeydews that will leave you breathless. On the exhale of The Mamasan Mama Melon, you get the thick creamy vanilla that will leave the most delightful taste in your mouth. From tank to mouth you will be sure to love The Mamasan Mama Melon. This vape juice will be sure to be your next all-day-vape, you will never want to leave the house without it.

The Mamasan Super Cereal

The Mamasan Super CerealThe Mamasan Super Cereal is the perfect morning time vape juice. As you inhale The Mamasan Super Cereal vape juice you taste the fruitiness of the cereal that will remind you of your childhood breakfast. On the exhale of The Mamasan Super Cereal, you taste the cold creamy milk that will leave you wanting more and more. Be ready to taste your childhood favorite cereal with a more tasteful flavor. For every bottle you use of The Mamasan super Cereal you will love it more and more.


The Mamasan is here to offer a flavor for anyone and everyone, whether it be fruits or custards they have it all. The Mamasan has made the most flavorful vape juices that even just a whiff will drive you crazy. From their delicious fruit juices that will take you on a vacation to their custards that will walk you down memory lane. From morning to night and day to day you will be sure to love any of The Mamasan vape juices.

If you’re wanting to experience as much of The Mamasan as possible, there are deals to be had. In fact, West Coast Vape Supply offers an amazing bundle deal, which allows you to choose three 100ML bottles. The Mamasan Pick 3 100ML Bundle is the perfect deal to take advantage of due to the low price and the ability to choose three flavors out of the whole line. If you are a vendor, the same supply company boasts a huge wholesale program. If you get The Mamasan wholesale, the price is significantly reduced, allowing you to buy in bulk and sell to your customers at lower prices with higher profits. If you’re thinking about buying wholesale, think West Coast Vape Supply.

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