When electronic cigarettes were introduced in the United States, there were only a couple options for buying refills for your new personal vaporizer. The two major options were:

1. Buy Pre-Filled Cartridges from the manufacturer that were likely filled with Chinese Juice.

2. Buy the refill liquid in bottle form from manufacturer that was likely Chinese Juice.

Well, many people may or may not have been comfortable purchasing a consumable good from a company importing from the other side of the pond and some may not have known this at all. There are many manufacturers that still continue to import liquids from China and they have many satisfied customers that do not seem to mind it one bit. With the popularity of electronic cigarettes rising faster than ever, the variety of users began to fluctuate as well. As with everything that we use or begin using, there were people that began to question the quality or formulations behind this E-Cigarette Juice.

There were several people that I dealt with personally who had been purchasing from their local mall kiosk vendor or liquor store/smoke shop that mentioned an uneasiness with continued use of the liquid they were getting currently because of inconsistency. They would buy refill cartridges for as much as $20 to $25 for a 5-pack and the quality control seemed to be lacking, not something you’d expect when paying such a premium price for a product. One of the two key factors mentioned were the strength of the liquid and the flavor intensity.



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