The 510-N MOD from Bauway is an excellent choice for those everyday vapers who are interested in the scene of MODS.  Some of the more experienced vapers look at the 510-N as a modded eGo or China’s way of stepping into the MOD scene.  Reason of calling the 510-N a MOD is because it uses a bigger sized battery, which is an 18650.  In the kit you can expect to receive 2x 2.8ohm 510 atomizers, 2x 18650 unprotected rechargeable batteries, 1x wall charger and 5x pre-filled cartridges, all enclosed in a nice looking gift box.

Before I purchased the 510-N I did a bit of research on them as I normally do before making a purchase.  I learned that the 510-N comes with 2 unprotected batteries and after reading a bit on these unprotected batteries, I came to find out that they are very dangerous due to not having a chip built inside them to automatically shut down if ever getting too hot.  With that being said, immediately after I made my purchase of the 510-N, I went on and picked up 2 Li-ion protected 3.7V 3000mAh 18650 batteries.  If you are looking to purchase a 510-N, I would highly suggest you do the same for your safety.

When first opening the kit, each part that came with the kit was nicely conformed in it’s own holding cell wrapped around a soft foam like material.  The main base or actual tube of the 510-N was obviouslly made of metal, also looking to be chrome plated giving it a very sleek finish.  The tube is about the size of a nickel and stands 4 1/8 inch tall.  With the cap on at the top, which is default, stands at about 4 3/8 inch tall.  The button on the 510-N is much like a small eGo style button.  On the 510-N, some of the buttons are plastic or metal.  This specific 510-N kit that I received happen to come with the metal button.  After doing a bit of research before making my order for this kit, I’ve seen many others complain about the plastic buttons tending to stick and become a hassle.  The metal buttons I only seen good feedback on them.  At the top of the 510-N where the atomizer screws in, there is a shield that screws onto the base.  This shield gives the appearance of your atomizer being inset into the device.  I’m not 100% sure on it’s purpose, but I would suppose it is to act as something to catch your liquid if it happens to leak.  Another purpose I could think of is styling, as it does give a great look with the atomizer inset like it is.

The two 18650 protected batteries that I purchased separate to this kit fit into the 510-N very well and had very little of wobbling room.  The battery fit was very snug and seems to have a perfect fit.  The 510-N sits very well in the hand and the button is easy to press and has a nice feel to my thumb with it’s smooth metal finish.  One thing that I really love about this MOD is that it has a 10 second cut off time on the button, which is long enough for each pull and shouldn’t effect your vape at all.  The cut off time is a very nice addition to this MOD and I’m glad to see that Bauway thought about safety with this feature as they didn’t with the 2 18650 unprotected batteries that the kit originally came with.

Inside the tube where the battery goes, the spring where the battery rests on looks to be soldered in, so you have no worries about that moving from it’s place.  All the thread fittings work well and everything screwed and on just fine.  The appearance and the quality of the 510-N look superb and I am very amazed and glad that China produced such a quality MOD.  Now that they have their foot in the door, I’m sure we can expect much more quality MOD kits like the 510-N in the future.

The Bauway atomizer that came with the kit seated very well on the base and on my first pull, I actually didn’t taste that first burnt start-up taste that you experience with some atomizers.  I’ve read nothing but great reviews on the Bauway atomizers, so I knew the atomizer would perform great and thus far, it has.  After taking my first pull, I received quite a bit of vapor and immediately got excited from comparing to my Riva 510 Kit that I’m used to using.  Massive amounts of vapor and a nice airy type pull.  I’m very pleased with how well this 510-N kit performs.

I have been using my 510-N MOD for about 1 day now, off and on, some heavy vaping at times and so far, this kit performs very well and I would recommend it to anyone that is looking to purchase themselves a MOD.  I am very pleased.  After some time, I’ll reply to this review and give you more feedback at a later date where I have more time to really use the 510-N.

If you made it this far, I know it was a long read but there was just so much to say about this device.  Thank you for taking the time and I hope this has helped in some way.


  1. Just after about 2 to 2 1/2 weeks of having the 510-N, it failed me. It didn’t stop working but liquid was leaking through the push button. Let me just state the obvious… that isn’t safe.

    Since this has happened I haven’t used the 510-N at all and to be honest, now after seeing something like that could happen, I wouldn’t recommend anyone using it either.

    Before I purchased the 510-N, I was told from many that the MOD is nothing but a device to show you or give you insight. I’ve got my foot wet in the scene of mods, but now I ask myself “What is really that spectacular?”

    No… No, it really wasn’t.

  2. Please kindly check if you put too much e-liquid into the cartidege. As you can see the design, It is sealed in the connector, no liquid can go into the connector and battery. If still any problem, kindly contact us Bauway

  3. I bought this mod on clearance from a random website for $12.00 with free shipping. I used the mod for a couple days, and I realized I paid $12.00 for two atomizers, a battery charger, and a nice looking box. Considering atomizers are $5.00 a piece, I think I got a good deal. These things are absolute junk, but it was fun to get a new mod in the mail, even if it did go in the trash.