Lighting up some potent flower is all good and fun, but ask any experienced stoner, and they’ll tell you there’s nothing quite like a dab. Dabbing involves heating wax concentrates to extreme heat until it evaporates into a smooth hit. The long-lasting high is far superior to the average toke, and the delicious flavor allows you to enjoy the herb to the fullest.

Before you dip your toes in the world of dabbing, there are a few items you’ll need. First, take time to research sleek and reliable dab rigs that fit your stoner lifestyle. Some dabbers prefer delicate glass-blown rigs, while others go for electric versions. Additionally, you’ll also need a trusty torch and a titanium nail to hold the dab.

Are you considering making the leap to dabbing? Here are six reasons it’s time to make the switch.

No nasty byproducts

Every stoner remembers at least one bad experience cleaning up resin or spilled water pipe water. The stench itself is enough to make one choke. Dab, on the other hand, does not produce resin. The lack of sticky substance makes cleaning your rig a breeze, and it can be repurposed in a potent edible. Similarly, dabs don’t muddy the water in the way flower does. Of course, you should still change the water in your rig regularly, but you can go an entire week without experiencing a foul smell. 

Clean taste

Concentrated wax is filled with complex flavors and terpenes. Heating dabs to a high temperature only intensifies the aroma, allowing you to experience every delicious cannabinoid. Most dab rigs are also designed to maximize water filtration. Cooling down the smoke before it reaches your lips prevents the dab from burning, unlike the flower, which is quickly torched to oblivion. 

Potent high 

Wax concentrates contain a higher amount of THC and CBD than the average nug. Even a pin-sized amount of dab produces an intense high that could leave you couched for hours. A more potent high encourages you to smoke less, and your wallet will surely appreciate it. 


The lack of lingering smoke and filthy water means no odor is left behind after a dab. Stoners on the go will particularly benefit from the discretion, as well as dabbers living with roommates. For the ultimate stealthy smoke session, consider purchasing an electric dab rig. The small devices allow you to manually control the heat without the need for a bulky torch. 

Easy to dose 

The ability to control the dose of your dab is especially beneficial for beginner stoners. Start with a pin-sized drop of dab and work your way up to more sizable quantities. Experimenting with different inhalation methods, dab sizes, and temperature allows you to find the ideal combination quickly. 

Longer lasting 

High-potency dabs last much longer than the typical ganja. Unfortunately, even high-grade herb doesn’t last more than 30 minutes, especially for more experienced stoners. Luckily, veterans and freshman smokers alike can indulge in a small dab and enjoy a high that lasts hours. 

Final thoughts 

If you’re a beginner smoker looking to turn over a new leaf, dabbing is the perfect place to start. With the correct dosage and rig, you’ll experience cannabis in a way you never thought possible.