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The New Flum Float Disposable Vape Review

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Although the market is flooded with disposables vapes these days, there are several that have certainly stood out compared to the rest. For example, the new Flum Float Disposable Vape is making waves throughout the vaping community, since it provides some of the most impressive flavors, a whopping 3000 puffs per unit, and has a unique design that is comfortable to use as well. If you enjoy disposable vapes, you’re going to love the Flum Float Disposable Vape.

The Flum Float Disposable Vape

The Flum Float Disposable Vape is the latest disposable vaping device to hit the market. It features a unique rounded design that makes it comfortable to hold and comfortable to use. The device features a cylindrical housing that is quite capable of housing a large battery and vape juice capacity, which makes for a higher puff count. It sports an integrated 1100mAh battery, ensuring both long sessions and great performance throughout use. It has an 8mL vape juice capacity, so you can expect upwards of 3000 puffs per unit. The longer sessions and higher puff count will surely make you enjoy this device even more. The device is filled with 50mg of salt nicotine and shares a wide variety of flavors, such as mixed berries and the most refreshing cool mint. If you’re looking for a solid and flavorsome vaping experience, you should definitely give the new Flum Float Vape a try.

Flum Gio Disposable Vape

Flum Vapor recently launched the Flum Gio Disposable Vape, which can be seen as an improvement over the original Flum Float. Sporting a compact design that is both extremely lightweight and portable, this newly introduced vaping device offers all that you enjoy about the original. It now features a soft silicone outer shell, the mouthpiece has been improved with a more comfortable design, and it houses an 8mL vape juice capacity, which will yield a large 3000 puff count for you to enjoy. Presenting great performance and the smoothest vape you’ve come across yet, the Flum Gio Disposable is blistered with a range of flavors to choose from, including Tropical Punch, Litchi Ice, Juicy Apple, Berry Fusion, Power Bull, and Coffee Pump flavors.

Flum Gio Disposable Vape

If you are looking for a disposable vape that is easy to use and tastes great then look no further than the Flum Gio Disposable Vape. This vape has been designed with the beginner in mind, so it is perfect for those who have never tried vaping before. It comes with everything you need to get started and features an intuitive design that makes it super easy to vape!

Flum Nic5 Gio Disposable Vape

Flum Nic5 Gio Disposable

The Flum Nic5 Gio Disposable Vape is yet another device that has been added to the Flum Vapor collection. It is a solid device that looks incredibly pleasing, yet maintains a compact and convenient design to ensure the highest level of comfortability. With its small footprint, you can still expect a 6.5mL capacity, which leads to 2500 puffs per unit. The device also utilizes a mesh coil, focusing heavily on both taste and performance. Enjoy as many as five flavors within this collection, ranging from Strawberry Ice Cream, Aloe Mango, Lychee Ice, Strawberry Banana, and Ice Mint.

Flum Float Disposable Vape Flavors

Flum Float Disposable Vape Flavors

Mixed Berries

Delivering a satisfying taste, Mixed Berries will surely become one of your next go-to blends. It gives you a delightful taste experience, boasting a range of berry flavors that will surely entice your taste buds. If you want something that is super satisfying and will keep you pleased, this is definitely the mix to try.

Lush Ice

Offering up a flavorsome taste with every puff that you take, Lush Ice will definitely become one of your all-time favorites. It brings you a delicious watermelon flavor, which combines with a frigid menthol to create yet another all-day vape that you can add to your collection of disposable vapes.

Red Bang

Whether you’re looking for a new vape to add to your collection or you just got to have that classic energy drink flavor, Flum Float Red Bang will most certainly provide you with a thrilling taste that cannot compare. This fascinating flavor recreates that bull taste that has always been a favorite you’ve craved.

Strawberry Mango

Lavishing your taste buds with loads of delicious flavor, Strawberry Mango is just what you need to add to your collection of favorite vapes. It brings together a tropical blend of strawberries and mangoes, giving you just enough of a splash of the two flavors to keep you wanting more. It leaves a lingering taste that only adds to the excitement of vaping this flavor.

Cool Mint

Boasting a refreshing taste, Cool Mint is just the thrilling flavor that you need coating your airways. It is an extraordinary flavor that offers the pure taste of mint, leaving you with a cool and refreshing taste that you can always come back to when you need something different.

Aloe Grape

Providing light and crisp taste, Aloe Grape will definitely be the flavor you come to fall in love with. This amazing blend coats your mouth with a light, crisp, and refreshing taste that will make the mouth water with excitement. If you’re looking for something new to add to your daily vapes, this is it.

Strawberry Banana

Slathering your airways and coating your taste buds, Strawberry Banana acts as the perfect vape. It offers tons of delicious notes that you’ll find incredibly pleasing. It brings you the amazing taste of strawberry and banana flavors combined together, creating an explosion of luscious flavor you can enjoy all day long.


Looking for disposable vapes that are different than the ones listed here? Consider the Esco Bar, Hyde Retro, MrFog, and more. There are many different devices to choose from and you aren’t subject to just one brand or flavor. For instance, there are many Hyde Vape Flavors to consider. Take a look around and we’re certain you’ll find a new disposable that meets your flavor preference.

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Blake Brown

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  1. This disposable is by far the worst purchase I’ve made. I had barley purchased one of the floats only to have it for a day! Don’t waist your money or time with these.

  2. I like flum floats , They last me for four days very tasty and I haven’t smoked a cigarette since I started to vape!

  3. Y do some floats have UT on them and some don’t? The one that just says Flum
    float without the UT has a better pull.

  4. Over and over again, I’ve read “3000 puffs” , however all 4 Flum Float disposables that I’ve purchased barely manage to make 5-7 days. I’m not a big puffer and I don’t take long big drags either, so when my 2nd died 5 days after I bought it, I opened it up to see what was happening. 🤔🤔 I was surprised to see the vape fluid was still very full, I took out my multimeter and discovered a very dead battery😯😔. This has happened to both myself and my brother( who had also purchased a few flavors)… Has this happened to anyone else? Or am I just unfortunate enough that the ONE store that sells them in my area has a large enough stock to allow a long sitting time?

    • Can you buy a new battery for it?

      • No. The battery is integrated into the device, and the device itself is designed to be disposable. Once the battery has depleted, you simply toss it in the trash and buy a whole new device. They’re priced fairly cheap.

        • $23-$27.00 USD is tha average cost for flumes vapes. I work 4 days 10.5 hrs shift and commute total 1 hour. I sleep 6-8 hrs., shower, make up and hair 1 hr. leaving me 4/5 hrs. for kids, chores and life! A 3,000 hit vape should last 2-3 wks.! Flum last 2-5 days! Yes the flavors are great but give me a freaking break! 1 pack of cigarettes lasted me 3 days and cost $8.00. Why isnt there some kind of warranty on faulty vapes? How are manufacturers not held accountable and replace batteries or vape for the inconvenience? All you hear from a smoke shop is some excuse (sometimes in English). Instead of fixing the problem and keep returning customers happy…I personally go hunting other smoke shops or order online for half the price. Personally my favorite are the rechargable, tillable Rick & Morty Simpson vapes. A visual juice leaves no guessing and rechargeable is awesome. There are a few other disposables that show juice just not refillable (coil burns towards end of use). Knowing your end before the end is always nice! Plus for 1month I will use 2/3 at $20 ea. So its not rocket science If the consumer stops accepting below standard product then production will stop or improve! If your not satisfied then complain and inform anybody you can. Reputation will make or break a business! There is no business without customers (us)! What happened to customers ALWAYS RIGHT?

        • Angelia, thank you for your response. You are very much right. Customers should come first, and the manufacturers should be held responsible. The thing is, there are so many of these devices being produced by China that you are bound to have some of them that do not work as intended. Of course, this shouldn’t be an excuse for the product you purchased. However, you have to expect some bad apples in the bunch. On this website, we will be selling the Flum Disposable Vapes soon. They only cost $15.75. While we cannot tell you how many days or weeks they may last, they are supposed to last upwards of 3000 hits. Obviously, these numbers can change depending on the length of puff you take each time. What it comes down to is your satisfaction. If you are satisfied with another device, by all means. By the way, if you are getting 2-3 weeks from a disposable vape, you are doing VERY good. For an average vaper, these disposables shouldn’t last that long. When I was using them, they would only last days and up to a week… but then again I vape quite often. Visit our shop here:

  5. Do these vapes have diacetyl in them or what is the deal with that, is it a myth or something true?

  6. Why do some flums have the “R” with the circle on them ( next to the UT) and others have the TM symbol?? I always buy the same flavor from same store- verify every time as well but tonight my flum tasted funny & had the TM- I have 2 others I pulled out of my vanity drawer ( same exact flums) but they had the R logo..

  7. Stop selling these fucking products to the youth.

  8. In your article, in the last sentence of the section pertaining specifically to the Flum GIO, you wrote: “… super easy to fill, charge, and vape!”. Fill? Charge? I thought this was a “disposable device” that is neither refillable nor rechargable. Am I mistaken?

  9. my mom is addicted 😓

  10. I bought one of these from a local vape shop a couple weeks back. I’ve recently noticed some brown gunk building up where the clear part of the head is. I took it out with a piece of tissue and it looks like brown sugar. Please let me know what this is and if it is dangerous at all. I won’t smoke it for a while until I know for sure what it is…

    • It sounds like the cotton wicking has been dislodged or broke away from the coil. This may have happened from drawing too hard. Remember to take slow, steady puffs. Not to put the blame all on you, though. It could be a defective part from the manufacturer. I would stop using the device and get another.

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