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Beginners Guide To Temperature Control

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Almost every device being released in 2016 has temperature control, but what does that really mean?  Whether you’re brand new to vaping or have done it for a couple of years, the information we are about to offer might actually come in handy.  Over the course of the next couple of minutes we will discuss the concept, why it was created in the first place, how it works, and figure out if temperature control is right for you.

A Snippet of History First

Most of the anti-vaping leaflets and reports you read like to talk about the fact that some studies have shown vaping devices produce formaldehyde.  I’m sure you’ve heard these stories before, read them on social media, and are aware of the counter claims made by the vaping industry.  These stories began with a study from Poland that showed carbonyl production (or as the news media like to call it, formaldehyde production) in their laboratory tests.

Beginners-Guide-To-Temperature-Control-volcano-1A quick look at the study shows that the testing process they used could never be recreated in a real world setting.  The test used an eGo style battery turned up to 4.8 volts and a clearomizer with a top coil set up for almost an hour.  We don’t hear too much about dry hits anymore, but if you’ve ever experienced one you will know that as soon as that acrid taste hits the back of your throat, you want to throw up.  There is no way you would continue to hit it for 10 seconds, let alone an hour.

What they were describing in the study was the act of inhaling burnt cotton and plastic, not vaping, but the media and anti-vaping groups had already grabbed the story and were using it for all it was worth.  Even though they knew that these results were unrealistic, it set product designers up with a new direction to move in.

Necessity: The Mother of Invention

How do you prevent the coils from becoming so hot that they can accidentally scorch the cotton wicks?  You create technology that limits the power supply to the coil when it reaches a certain temperature.  In reality, it doesn’t measure the temperature of the wire but the change in resistance as it heats up.

When the coil gets to a certain point in resistance change, the device it’s attached to (if it is in temperature control mode), will either cut off the power, limit the power, or adjust it to keep a constant output.  Beginners-Guide-To-Temperature-Control-TitaniumThe different temperature control modes on your devices, whether Stainless Steel, Ni200, or Titanium, have preset numbers in their memory, so as you adjust the temperature, the device automatically calibrates to the coils upper limit.

No more burnt cotton, and using this technology is so simple many new vapers can pick it up from day one.  As long as you don’t turn up the temperature too much on the device, it will make sure you never get a dry hit again.  As with everything else in the vaping world, as soon as designers become aware of a potential problem, they find a way to work it out.

Who Should Choose Temperature Control?

Temperature control is an option that should be explored by everyone.  If you have a regulated device, chances are you’ve already got the options at your fingertips.  Choosing temperature control coils for tanks can greatly increase the life cycle of a coil.  Rather than being replaced weekly, if used correctly, temperature control coils can last a month or more.

Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall

Avid Vaper, advocate and cloud chaser. Writer for 3 vaping websites and broadcaster/presenter as Vapin Demon on Coast 2 Coast Vapers. Originally from Manchester, England, I got bored one day and moved to the USA. Vaping saved my life and my aim is to save as many others as I can.

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  1. What should the tcr be set at for ni200 and SS??

    • Kathi, I will be writing a post to cover this in the next few days however if you let me know what device you are using I may be able to find you an answer.. unfortunately, different chipsets have different ideas on how they should work for temperature control; as of right now the manufacturers haven’t come up with a simple easy to use system! has a tool in place that could be very helpful however if you are using a device with “purity settings” that app wont be much help.

  2. Vape has saved my life at 41 smoking since 13yrsold and also having heart problems seeing how long till I die not what I wish to wait for I am a retired stand up PWC frestyle pilot and racer still go riding but after so many years of abuse to my lungs I felt bad and just kept saying to myself this isn’t even pleasurable ANYMORE tase like shit and makes you smell ! 10months ago I got ride of all the crappy ecigs and. Cheap Vapes I had gave them away to friends had hundreds of them thanks to Vapes and whatching the most important woman in the world beside my mom die i thought I am so tired of being out of breath from running the stairs three floors at my house I said enough spent time w Tyler at every days a party and he got me into a sub ohm coil tsunami various self regulated shock never picked up another cigarette again thanks to all you vape professionals for saving my life my doctor told. Me that I was so close that another few years I would have been dead and not cool w a 18 and 14 yr old sons thats mother kicked them out recently so again SINCERELY TO ALL THAT ARE IN THE PROFESSION THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FIGURTIVELLY AND LITTERLY YOU KEEP SAVING PPL AND THANKS FOR SAVING TWO AWSOME KIDS DAD THEY APPRECIATE IT WE RIDE ALL THE TIME I RIDE LIKE IM 21 AGAIN I HABE MY LIFE BACK BETTER STONGER AND DOIN FREESTYLE TRICKS THAT I COULDN’T DO RIDING ALL FAY W MY BOYS !!????⚔⚔RIDE OR DIE MARAUDERS 4EVER?


  3. Can anyone please walk me through how to set up my Predator 228 in TC mode? I mean like step by step? I just cant seem to process it. Thanks

  4. Hi I recently just purchased a Smok Al85, and have a baby 0.4 q, 40-80 wand then it says under that best 55-65 w, I just put the whole thing together primed the coil and filled the tank, but the usher manual that came with it, is useless lol. I just was curious and looking for someone to help me on what to set the vaporizer at with all the settings; such as the front display shows what your running weather it’s temp. Watts or memory and I don’t know what to set anything to do I don’t burn the cool out because I didn’t properly set it. So I’m asking for advice from someone on what is the best mood( temp watt), and also how to choose the correct coil. Cause it has opinions from Ni, strength, coil tc-ni 000.0006 it’s what it says right now so if someone can help me on what is the best mode to have it in and the proper cool option to pick. Thank you Lindsay

  5. I have accidentally changed my tempersture on my IJoy rdta box mini with a smok baby tank. What would be the suggested temperature for this combination.

  6. hi.
    I’m desperate!! Can someone please tell me what my TC should be on my smok alien 220 mod w/my cleito exo tank with either a .16 coil or a .3 coil? I have my watt at 43 and I’m getting dry hits. I was also using the cleito .3 coils, and I’ve been going through them every 3 days. I know I’m doing something wrong because the coils can go up to a certain wattage and I’m only smoking 40 watts. if I go higher, than I taste a dry hit. my mod is currently at 145c and wattage at 43. please help? thanks

  7. I’m using a Kaos Spectrum mod with my crown III tank (.25 SS316 coils). Trying to figure out the different settings I can use other than power without making the thing blow up (irrational fear of mine). Any setting suggestions?

  8. My alien smok keeps saying puffs over what does it mean and how can I fix it

  9. I have a smok t priv and want to change the settings from ni to the stainless setting does anyone know how to do this

  10. What is a good Temperature to put it on it keeps changing on me

    • There isn’t a specific temperature that works for everyone or for a particular atomizer. When using temperature control, you’ll want to play it by what works for you, what satisfies you, and what you’re most comfortable with. Start off by adjusting the temperature to its lowest setting, then slowly work your way up to what gives you the most enjoyment. You can apply the same method to wattage as well – start at the coil’s lowest recommended wattage, then slowly work your way up until you feel satisfied with the performance.

  11. please help I wld like to know what the recommended TCR setting is for the higher athos coil asap pleeeeease x

  12. Voopoo Drag 2. Son grabbed it, when I got it back my fingers pushed the buttons and now every time I vape it taste burnt. Did I burn the coil to where it needs to be changed? Been running it on 200F and 50W

  13. I have a amok x-priv. Its my first vape and I have no idea what the different modes mean or how I should be setting it. I dont want to ruin anything on it. Can someone quickly explain the W, Ti, Ni, SS, and M modes.
    I got it from a friend so if there is presets I do not know how to change then or what to change them too. As of now I’m running it on the first mode (40w and preheat normal) .53 ohm is what its registering…I am getting hits that hurt my throat someone please give e me a quick ex. as to what the modes do as I am having a hard time finding a straight answer anywhere else

  14. Someone please quickly explain the 5 modes it has….I got one used from a friend and I do not know what they mean or if they need to be reset and how to do that aswell as at 40w or even 100degrees my hits are so intense …burning throat at under a 3 sec hit. ….someone please have it in their heart to help me out…I want to enjoy this thing 🙂

  15. I just received my Smok Mag Grip today and I’m a bit overwhelmed with all the terminology and settings. I’m kinda new to the vape thing and I’m hoping you can help me out. My primary concerns are the ohm, temp, and wattage settings. As of now it has the prepackaged mini v2 s1 0.15ohm single mesh coil. The device is reading 0.17ohms when it’s turned on and I’m just wondering if that’s gonna burn it up?? If so, how do I change it? Also, what would be the best setting for the mini v2 s2 quad coil that came as an extra in the box? Thanks in advance!

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