As many of you can see, GuideToVaping’s Best of 2014 has kicked off and running strong.  Much like each year, there are those that are pleased to just vote and recognize others, there are those that are immature and what most of us consider the “bad apple” of the community, and then there are those that are just plain out clueless.

Let me explain this into further detail so that you’ll understand what’s happening here.

The people who are voting, and are a bit clueless as to what’s going on, are the one’s complaining about what answers have been provided in the list on each category.  Let me explain how this works for those of you who just didn’t get it.  When someone comes to vote on the Best of 2014 Poll, they have 3 choices: either choose from the list of answers provided, type your own answer or skip the category completely.  The list of answers already provided were answers that users before you have already submitted. For example, if you wanted to vote on John Doe Vapors and you didn’t see them in the list, then you can type their name in the input field. Then, the next person that comes to vote will see John Doe Vapors in that list and can vote on it also, choose a different answer or submit their own.

It’s just that simple, and to be honest, its common sense. What would the poll be if I added the answers for you? – You would then be voting on my person opinions, not yours. With this poll, you are the deciding factor of what is voted on and what isn’t.

Next, we have our immature or “bad apples” as most of us like to call them.  These bad apples are the ones who type in an answer like “VaporJoes <- fuck this guy”, “meh” and other worthless shit I don’t care to see, nor does anyone else. If you don’t want to take the voting seriously, it truly shows not only how immature you are, but it also shows how much you could care for the vaping community. These people, companies, brands and organizations actually look forward to this polling even each year. Being recognized is a good feeling, especially in this industry when you have to go above and beyond just for someone to notice the good you’ve done. A lot of companies and people do not even asked to be noticed for this, but as community members, we should recognize them for what they’ve done. If you would not like to be apart of that, simply do not vote.

The people who enjoy this polling event understand that when voting, they are simply recognizing a company, organization or person and that there is no real authority to these votes. This event is simply to have fun, give the community something to do, while recognizing those that are doing very well. These people also understand that the answers or votes on this poll was made by you, the community, and the deciding factor of how this month-long event plays out.

While I’m here I would also like to touch base on the issues people were claiming to have when voting. If you’re claiming that the captcha isn’t working, I’m not quite sure that you are correct. The reason why I say this is… we’ve disabled the captcha. This means, you don’t even have to enter and number and the votes you made will still submit and go through. We disabled the captcha for the polling system because within the first 3 hours the event went live, the captcha was having issues. If you get an error message saying that you’ve either missed categories/answers or have the wrong captcha, since the captcha is disabled, that means you’ve missed answers or left some empty. I ask that when you’re voting, you make sure all the answers have been chosen for each category: either choose from the list, type your own or skip. However, one possibility is that you’ve typed something in, but have checked the list also or you’ve checked the type, but have something typed in. Though I know the poll may have some bugs, much like any new plugin or program, my developer has been working on this polling plugin for months to ready it for this month. With that said, 90% of the time you’ll be encountering a user error. If you feel otherwise, you can contact me at anytime on this website.

The last thing I want to talk about is your answers. If you haven’t already voted, I ask that you look through the list of answers other people have submitted, before you type in your answer. Chances are, someone else has already typed that same answer in. I’m having to manually go back and combine the same answers together including their votes, fix your spelling mistakes and make all the answers look pretty. That said, your help would be appreciated. The polling plugin was designed to notify you if you’ve typed in a similar answer, but obviously people are not getting it. When it notifies you that there are similar answers, it is trying to correct your mistakes, and will add your vote to the correct answer. It will give you three options: change your answer to something else by letting the system auto correct it, correct it yourself or leave the answer the way you typed it and submit it. Hopefully this comes into play more so that it will be less work on me.

If you’ve made it this far reading everything, which I doubt most of you have, I want to say thank you for participating in the poll and look forward to the results at the end of the year!


  1. All these comments for this mike stuff, and I’ve never heard of it….. And I’ve heard of a lot
    Personally the best all around Juice is Defcon 13a amazing and unused flavor combinations- all different and all delicious. And the fastest turn around I’ve ever had with a vape company


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