To be quite honest, I typically don’t put the spotlight (make a post strictly about a company) on a company, so let it be known that when I do, it’s because I’m been moved, inspired or something spectacular drove me to do so. So, I ask that you continue reading and I’ll explain why I’m shining the spotlight on this company.

During GuideToVaping’s Best of 2014, I usually browse around and look at the different names of companies and products people vote for. Surprisingly enough, just because I operate this fine blog, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ve heard of every company and product. With that said, I browse for names that I’ve never heard of, and that interest me. Continuing, I came across the name “Bumble Bee Vapor”.

Sounds interesting enough, right?

bumble bee vaporI decided to visit them on the web and I was immediately presented with a video of the owners.  The video looked very nice, professional and seemed like who ever the camera man was had some-what experience in the field. We’ve all heard many e-cig/e-liquid companies tell us the same line: “We started our company because we couldn’t find anything else in the market that pleased me or at a decent cost.”

Mmmm… with most of them, that isn’t exactly the case. Our market has plenty of options with both products and pricing.

When confronted with this automatic playing video, it wasn’t the red beard of the owners face that encouraged me to continue watching, it was that he introduced himself to me, the customer, and began telling their story. It wasn’t a total of two lines to share why they started… it was a lengthy video describing what Bumble Bee Vapor is, why they started their company, how it originated, their background in flavor creations, among more. Listening to these owners of Bumble Bee Vapor’ss moved me… it did. Although our market may be saturated with great companies and also those who are just trying to get rich quick, I learned from Bumble Bee Vapor’s that there are still those that are entering this market with that true passion. Watching this video, I got a feeling of being comfortable, like I can relate to these owners, not as them being someone trying to sell me a product, but simply as someone that is trying to deliver a heartfelt message that they truly believe in the product they make.

Just watch the video and see if you’re receiving that same vibe.

Now that I’ve explained this spotlight, I want to share my experience and shine the spotlight on Bumble Bee Vapor. You can visit them at

Note To The Company: Outstanding job on presenting yourself! The video professionalism, the way you conducted yourself, and the way you introduced your product was handled great. I, as a blog owner and consumer, was moved by your story and the passion you have for your product. Though it may feel sometimes like you’re just another ‘boat in the ocean’… we see you. And, today is your spotlight at GuideToVaping.