From the on-site reviews where customers rave about it, to this Guide To Vaping review, Pink Spot Vapors “Blu-Spot” is a fantastic flavor that leaves you in one of those bliss ‘finally found the perfect one’ moments.

Today I’ll be reviewing a bottle of Blu-Spot E-Liquid from Pink Spot Vapors. For this review, I’ll be using a Joyetech eVic at 5 Volts using a 2.6Ohm EVOD tank. Pink Spot Vapors describes the flavor as smooth and the Chuck Norris of ejuices. On-site, they tell you to prepare for a roundhouse kick to the taste buds as you vape this Blueberry, Pineapple and Lime mixture.


Blu-Spot follows in the line of all the other Pink Spot Vapors flavors I’ve tried, all great, no complaints what so ever. What I love about Blu-Spot is the flavor resembles the base of PSV’s other signature “Pink Spot” and “G-Spot”. Although I’m sure the flavors in them are different, it still gives off the same delicious base, which I’ve found in many of their e-liquids. With my particular bottle, I had Pink Spot Vapors (PSV) add menthol, or as they call it “On the Rocks”. There is no dominant flavor, except for the menthol which was a superb additive to this mix. Each flavor, the blueberry, lime and pineapple are all noticed and vape evenly.

Throat Hit

There isn’t a lot of throat hit or that I noticed from this e-liquid, but you can feel it with a decent pull. I’m beginning to think that I’m just more used to throat hit so much that it feels less with the many e-liquids I’ve tried. I’ve been vaping for well over 2 years now, so for me to really notice a harsh throat hit, it would have to be pretty strong. Throat hit or no throat hit, the flavor is too delicious to not vape.

Vapor Production

I keep forgetting what PG/VG ratio is used with PSV’s e-liquids. It doesn’t state it on the bottle, which I think should be added. Anyhow, with my 5 Volts and 2.6Ohm coil on the EVOD, I’m producing big vapor as I always do with PSV liquids. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better vape.


Overall, Blu-Spot is a really exciting a delicious flavor. It’s one of those type of flavors for me that once you take the first pull, your eyes close and it feels relaxing. I receive many flavors from e-liquid companies, but Pink Spot Vapors has never let me down with any. This particular flavor is exactly why PSV is my favorite and most vaped e-liquid vendor. Once again, outstanding job PSV!

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