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AIDS Drugs And Vaping

  If the name Martin Shkreli isn’t familiar, the title of this post may have you scratching your head.  I asked my editor earlier today what AIDS drugs and vaping have in common and he had no clue.  I’m going to break down this thought quickly and simply, just to see if you...


Quick Guide To FDA Vaping Regulation

  We’re all aware of the FDA’s deeming regulations of e-liquids and vaping devices, but do you understand exactly what that means?  These regulations will effect every single person in the vaping world, every consumer, every business, and while everyone agree’s that some...

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Top 5 All-In-One Vaping Systems

  For those that haven’t noticed, all-in-one vaping systems are beginning to pop up everywhere.  These manufacturers are now offering cheap, easy to use systems that come as a single device or are presented as a package for simplifying the vaping experience.  Over the next couple of...


The Importance of Coil Master Vape Tweezers

  Coil Master’s Vape Tweezers are probably the most important piece in my vape bag.  That is a bold opening statement for any article, but today I am going to give you a couple of examples of where these funky looking tweezers have saved the day.  There are so many people who believe...


Let’s Compare Vapers To The Founding Fathers

  It’s Independence Day weekend, so we thought for a nice change of pace we could put together a little “What if…” post comparing our modern-day struggle to the war that turned a group of colonies into one of the worlds most recognizable super powers.  This post is in...


Check Out Vaping’s Latest Mini Mods

  The vaping market has been filled with large mods, but there’s been a shift, and many manufacturers are beginning to pump out what’s known as Mini Mods.  These mods are merely miniature versions of the most popular devices we use today, offering the same type of mod appearance...


Why American Vapers Should Educate Their Doctors

  American vapers should walk into their doctors offices with copies of the Royal College of Physicians report printed out and tucked under their arms.  There are 500 pages of information from one of the most prestigious groups of physicians on the planet, discussing at length their beliefs...


Who Needs A 300 Watt Box Mod?

  Is there a single person reading this, right now, that needs a 300 watt box mod?  How about a 200 watt mod with temperature control?  The reason behind these questions is simple, and one we are about to explore.  Who gets to decide what you as a vaper needs and how are they qualified to make...

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How To Change Reuleaux RX200 Faceplate

  In this installment of GuideToVaping’s How-To, we’re going to switch out the plates on the Reuleaux RX200 and in the process, we’ll show you how to do it as well.  A recent discussion in the office brought us to the conclusion that the Reuleaux RX200 from Wismec is probably...


Why Vapers Should Be Like Vegans

  Let me begin this post by saying that I did not start this thought process.  It was actually a topic of discussion between friends over the weekend (one of whom was a vegan) and the outcome made so much sense that we thought it appropriate to share.  It is in no way meant to be detrimental...



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