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Read and watch our in-depth reviews on vaping products to learn about them before committing to a purchase. You can learn about vape mods, disposable vapes, vape juice, and CBD all in one location. Guide To Vaping is the vaping community’s most trusted source for reviews since 2011.

Vermillion River Review By Jrose

Jrose shared his VermillionRiverEJuice.com review with us from the liquid he won at one of our GTV Giveaways. To see more videos from Jrose, please visit his Youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/jrose971

Doctor Love (Texas Select Vapor)

I've tried a few DP flavored e-liquids in the past from other vendors and none of them have actually tasted anything like the beverage.  I have finally managed to...

Hard Lemonade – VermillionRiverEJuice

Today I will be reviewing an 6ml bottle of Hard Lemonade from VermillionRiverEJuice.com. It's said to have a pucker up lemon taste with a small twist of cranberry. All...

Kentucky Applewood Blend – VermillionRiverEJuice

Today I will be reviewing an 18mg bottle of Kentucky Applewood from VermillionRiverEJuice. I'm not sure of the exact blend of the juice but they say it's between 30-40%...

Bombshell MOD from HotVapes

Usually GuideToVaping does only written reviews and with receiving this Bombshell, we thought it would be nice to change things up a bit. Today we release GuideToVaping's review of...

Ming Drip Tips – CherryVape

(Not a review, but please read!) Drip Tips are obviously not something to do a review on, however I would like to at least throw a few words down in its favor because they...

Pup Reviews Sweet and Tart From TexasSelectVapor

In this review Pup reviews Sweet and Tart from TexasSelectVapor.com Pup from LaVapersClub.com entered in a giveaway we were having here at GuideToVaping and won himself a 10ml bottle of...

Tiger’s Blood – TexasSelectVapor

Today I'm going to be reviewing an 18mg bottle of Tiger's Blood from TexasSelectVapor. It is said to be a mix of berry, melon, and a hint of coconut....

Oatmeal Cookie – TexasSelectVapor

I'm trying Texas Select Vapor's "Oatmeal Cookie" (18mg). 3 drips on a LR dual coil atty, running on an ego passthrough. Thought 1:  I can taste oatmeal cookie. Light cinnamon. Nothing...

Bloog Electronic Cigarette – bloogplanet

Today I am reviewing a single disposable Electronic Cigarette called Bloog, from bloogplanet.com. It came in a nice sealed package along with a $10 discount on next order included...
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.