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Spotlight: Bumble Bee Vapors (Video Inside)

To be quite honest, I typically don’t put the spotlight (make a post strictly about a company) on a company, so let it be known that when I do, it’s because I’m been moved, inspired or something spectacular drove me to do so. So, I ask that you continue reading and I’ll...


Must See – New E-Cigarette Song

With music being a huge part of everyone’s lives, a song about electronic cigarettes was bound to happen. Again, our industry is no different from any other… the car industry has had songs made for them also, along with many others in different industries. Here’s a 2 minute song...


Vape Lane – NSFW

There’s no doubt about it that sex sells… and, because this industry is becoming so packed with new vape businesses because of absolutely no requirements, vendors are looking towards different avenues to make their products and store visible. In this video, Vape Lane, an e-cigarette...


Major Lazer ‘Scare Me’

I remember seeing this video a while back and I may have even shared it. Anyhow, I think it’s badass and worth another share for those of you who haven’t seen it yet. The video is already pretty cool, but including electronic cigarettes in it took it over the top and entered a level of...


Sh*t Vapers Say

To keep up with the trend of videos, Vape Revolution released the video “Sh*t Vapers Say” – Pretty neat, I must say.


E-Cigarettes – Freedom of Choice

While browsing through YouTube’s huge database of everything in videos, I came across one that left me with an emotional and thankful feeling. This video was perfect; something I’ve been waiting to see for so long. It shows the world many former tobacco smokers that found electronic...


Electronic Cigarette Commercials Are Hot

Electronic cigarette commercials are hot right now. It’s not only letting the world know about these miracle devices, but it’s also influencing many to switch and also has played a huge role in building the e-cigarette industry to a projected $1.7 billion by the end 2013. If you...



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