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Vape Lane – NSFW

There's no doubt about it that sex sells... and, because this industry is becoming so packed with new vape businesses because of absolutely no requirements, vendors are looking towards...

Major Lazer ‘Scare Me’

I remember seeing this video a while back and I may have even shared it. Anyhow, I think it's badass and worth another share for those of you who...
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VapeRev Launches New #IMPROOF Movement

VapeRev recently launched the new #IMPROOF movement, where vapers can share their own vaping success story. Much like Guide To Vaping's very own Random Call-Outs, where we let voices be...

Sh*t Vapers Say

To keep up with the trend of videos, Vape Revolution released the video "Sh*t Vapers Say" - Pretty neat, I must say.

E-Cigarettes – Freedom of Choice

While browsing through YouTube's huge database of everything in videos, I came across one that left me with an emotional and thankful feeling. This video was perfect; something I've been...

Electronic Cigarette Commercials Are Hot

Electronic cigarette commercials are hot right now. It's not only letting the world know about these miracle devices, but it's also influencing many to switch and also has played...

Kenny Talks About Guide To Vaping

Thank you Kenny for the nice words, support and referring GuideToVaping. Vape on, brother! See more from Kenny at

GuideToVaping Holiday Giveaway Show – Giveaway Is Over