VapeRev recently launched the new #IMPROOF movement, where vapers can share their own vaping success story.

Much like Guide To Vaping’s very own Random Call-Outs, where we let voices be heard all across the world; giving everyday vapers an opportunity to share their own personal vape story, VapeRev did the same by launching the #IMPROOF (I’m Proof) movement.

#IMPROOF isn’t just a message, it’s a movement.

A movement that isn’t about one person in particular, it’s about everyone. Many of us, for whatever reason, have made the decision to enhance our lifestyle by leaving cigarettes behind.The life changing decision that began within the individual, is now moving forward towards changing the world.

For some of us, without vaping as an alternative, cigarettes would still be our favorite pastime. For others, health concerns or the loss of a loved one has allowed for an open mind. The variety of reasons are endless.

Whatever the reason, change is never easy, but each day this movement gains another member. Take pride in your achievement, take pride in the achievement of a loved one or friend. Each success is a story that deserves to be told.

The first to share their story is Karen Lee, a smoker for 55 years who has turned to vaping as an alternative.

#IMPROOF Website:



  1. Awesome Karen my story is about the same after having heart attack my told suggested the e cig after 2 to 3 packs of cigarettes a day quit and went to e cigs its been almost 6 weeks now feel great, Happy Vaping


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