Let me start off this review by telling you a bit about HotVapes.com. Although I haven’t tried their e-liquid nor many of their store products, I do know the quality they offer when it comes to electronic cigarette mods. Judging from the Bombshell mod, the quality is nothing short of perfect. If you would like to see my latest Hot Vapes review of the Bombshell, you can click Bombshell Mod Review.

This time I’ll be reviewing the Cherry Bomb, the little brother or miniature version to the Bombshell. The bombshell and cherry bomb are almost identical other than a few small features I’ll go over later and of course, the size. As you can see in the picture to the left, the cherry bomb is by far much smaller than the bombshell, but don’t let the size fool you… it performs just as well. The cherry bomb is a mere 3.5″ tall and .75″ in diameter. It has similar features as the bombshell, such as the recessed brass button, the over-all shape of the device and the silky smooth threading.

Something I’d like to share is that I’m a die-hard Hot Vapes fan. It isn’t because I find Tim (the owner) a solid business man and a great friend, nor is it because Hot Vapes over-all stunning theme, however… it is the quality. The quality of the mods they produce are by far some of the best and the durability of the devices are more than just your average run of the mill e-cigarette mod. The bombshell mod that Hot Vapes exclusively produces and sells was my first U.S. made e-cig mod and it taught me the outstanding difference in quality between U.S. made mods and China made mods. I guess there isn’t a comparison when it comes to durability. Plus 1 for Hot Vapes.

The design of the cherry bomb to me is some-what simple, which I think is great. There isn’t tons of buttons to worry about and you don’t have to dial in settings. It’s simple, drop in the battery, screw on the head unit, atomizer and then vape away. It’s seemingly fail proof in the land of mods. The button has this nice clicky feel to it, nothing fancy and I doubt it was the intention going back even to the bombshell – It just works. A huge upgrade to this device though is that it has a drip well, something that I think should have been implemented on the bombshell to begin with. It’s nice to see Hot Vapes is always looking for a way to improve in its design. The outside, a silver bare metal machined look has a nice looking reflective shine to it, along with its smooth surface.

The cherry bomb’s size is the key feature. It offers the same punch you get from a much bigger mod, yet it’s size is comfortable enough to lug around with you outdoors. I tend to not bring any of my mods with me when I go out of the house, instead I take a much smaller e-cigarette like an eGo style or stick style. The hassle of carrying around say something like the bombshell when you’re out and about isn’t the best. You have this big mod budging out of your pocket and the looks you get while at your son’s baseball game isn’t settling for the little ones. The cherry bomb is small, easy to conceal and has a stunning look.

As far as batteries go, the cherry bomb houses a 14500 battery, which is pretty small considered to some. The size of the battery may throw you off because it won’t last as long as your 18650 battery, but with the smaller size, carrying around an extra 14500 battery shouldn’t be a problem at all. With me, this is the perfect size mod to go outdoors with and on a freshly charged 14500, you should get quite a bit of time out of it before you need a battery change. Because of the smaller size, the given AW IMR that comes with your kit charges in no time. Also with your kit comes a single charger to bring the 14500 to life, a single-coil color matching cartomizer and your standard drip tip. The vapor production is standard, just like you would get on any other 3.7 device of course. You get the whole sha-bang with the cherry bomb kit and the price, I would call “acceptable”. For what you’re getting, I think it’s a decent price. Forget all the accessories and focus on the mod, it’s a well-built U.S. made mod and I think that speaks for itself. The price for the Cherry Bomb Kit is $79.00 not including shipping, with a choice in color of True Black or Motobyke Silver.

The theme Hot Vapes has is like an anime type cartoon character look and it expands to not only the website, but to the products as well. The cherry bomb kit is housed by a nice and themed out collectible box with the print “Hot Vapes” at the top and in the middle sporting the name of the mod “Cherry Bomb”. I like the design and as always, the character is appealing. Located inside the box along with the actual product is a “Vaper’s Guide” for Mods. The guide goes over your standard uses for a mod, what is used with it, how it’s used and many other useful information for a beginner to mods or vaping. Also in the guide has a printed warning for what not to do and things you should do. Located on the second page and at the bottom of the guide is a mechanical guarantee, which basically covers Hot Vapes 90 day guarantee for the cherry bomb device.

Now that we’ve gone over the device completely, here’s a video of the unboxing and a few pictures of the Cherry Bomb that I call ‘art’. Enjoy!

If you would like to purchase the Cherry Bomb Mod or just visit the Hot Vapes website, please go to www.HotVapes.com