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4 Steps To Being An Organized Vaper

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By this time as a vaper considered to be in the intermediate class, you’ve started to accumulate many electronic cigarettes, parts and accessories. If you’re like the majority of us vapers, you’re not only filled with the parts you need, but you’ve also obtained parts or accessories that are just extras or sometimes… collectibles. With all this vapeware and no room to breathe, lets clean up that scattered vape station and organize. Here are 5 steps to being an organized vaper.


The first step to becoming an organized vaper is to gather up all those drip tips, drip shields, atomizers, cartomizers, tanks, chargers and the other umpteen different accessories you have lying around. You need to take all of those parts and place them in a storage container, something like a clear Plano storage container (view featured image). These clear containers usually cost around $5 to $10 at your local Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby or store of that type. The container I personally use came with little plastic dividers so that you can organize with different compartments. With electronic cigarettes, having these different compartments are vital to being organized. Setup the storage containers compartments to fit the accessories you have. For example, make a small slot for your drip tips, a bigger slot for your atomizers or cartomizers and an even bigger slot for something like your spare ego batteries. Trust me, being this organized now is a step in the right direction, because once you’ve graduated and made it to what we call an ‘advanced’ vaper, you’ll probably have so much vapeware that you won’t know what to do with.


Labels aren’t as important, but it can save you a lot of headache when it comes to atomizers and cartomizers. Sometimes you’ll have 2 of the same cartomizers, but at a different ohm rating. Labeling your compartments will help you judge which cartomizer or atomizer is at what ohm rating. Labeling your compartments is also great for just being that much more organized, however it really isn’t needed if you can remember what goes where in your storage container. I personally have no need for labels as I’ve been storing my vapeware for so long, I can remember where everything goes. My flanged tank cartomizers are always 1.5ohm and they go on the left. My regular Boge cartomizers are always 2.0ohm and they sit beside the flanged cartomizers. Above the flanged cartos is where I put my atomizers, which are also 1.5ohm. I have 3 slots for drip tips – the first slot is my clear type drip tips, the slot next to that is my swirled type drip tips and beside that are the flat color or chrome drip tips. Being organized like this helps me understand what is what, where is where and why is why. Get me? – Okay, good!


Who doesn’t like to be clean? – Well it shouldn’t stop with your house or body, your parts and accessories need to be cleaned also. Doing a weekly maintenance of cleaning your atomizers, drip tips and tanks is a great habit. Be sure to also clean your compartments in your storage container too. Having clean vapeware is a big thing for being organized. It not only creates less of a cluttered look, but it also creates an organized looking environment as well.


Feel free to personalize your storage container. Try adding your favorite e-cig stores logo or maybe even some personalized text. Personalizing your storage container will not only make organizing fun, but it will also bring style and your unique flavor to the mix. For me, I’ve added a Texas Select Vapor sticker and the name badge I wore at the Atlanta Vape Meet. Have fun with your organizing and show it off to your vaper friends!


Blake Brown
Blake Brown

Blake is the owner and creator of the Guide To Vaping blog. He has expressed his passion for the vaping industry through his deeply rooted and highly informative content. Being a writer and content provider for the vaping industry for year's, Blake has also gained experience from working with multiple blogs and well respected companies.

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  1. Thank you for the post and advice. That’s a great storage container! Where did you purchase it?

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