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Choosing The Best Nicotine Strength

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Choosing the best nicotine strength is something smokers and new vapers continue to struggle with as they begin vaping. Many of these new vapers often ask the wrong question when pondering this topic. It isn’t ‘what’s the best nicotine strength for you’, it’s ‘what’s the best nicotine strength for your setup’. Depending on your setup, your nicotine strength could be drastically different. Smokers transitioning into vaping often seek the highest amount of nicotine without the knowledge of how much nicotine is needed with their specific vape setup. This is something that could potentially reveal an unsatisfying experience for a smoker and detour them away from a product that’s helped so many others. Below I’ll list the most used nicotine strengths that are available in most popular e-liquids, then explain what setup those nicotine strengths are best used for. When we’re finished hopefully you’ll have enough knowledge to help you choose the best nicotine strength for your setup.

NOTE: Just because you have a vapor pod system doesn’t mean you have to vape a specific nicotine strength but I am listing here what setups are commonly used with specific nicotine strengths. Vaping is about being satisfied, and if that means using an advanced setup with a high amount of nicotine or a vapor pod system with a super low amount of nicotine, it’s whatever works for you.

The Best Nicotine Strength For Your Setup

3mg nicotine strength e-liquid3MG: This nicotine strength has become the standard for e-liquid manufacturers, as there is a slew of vapers using advanced setups that features a very low resistance. Due to the high power and pairing of low resistance atomizers, 3MG is preferred to minimize throat-hit, offer a smoother draw, and the capability of producing a large amount of vapor. Those who use 3MG often use high-performance setups.

6MG: This nicotine strength is a bit of a step up for those using those high-performance setups but still enjoy a little throat-hit. If you’re a smoker transitioning into vaping or a new vaper, 6MG is often a great place to start if you’re using a sub-ohm tank. For those using a rebuildable atomizer, it’s recommended that you start off at 3MG because the throat-hit is intensified using a rebuildable atomizer.

12MG: This nicotine strength is often used by those who have mouth-to-lung tanks or tanks that have a restricted airflow. The people that use 12MG will be the ones using a setup with a higher resistance and a lower power output. 12MG strength is considered high in this vape era because most of the products being produced are geared towards low nicotine use.

24mg nicotine strength e-liquid24MG: Though it was a standard when vaping first hit the states, 24MG is now considered a very high nicotine strength. However, there are those that still enjoy this high of nicotine strength but only with the proper setup, such as a device with a low power output, a high resistance, a restricted airflow, and often times a setup such as a refillable pod system or mouth-to-lung tank.

32MG: This high of a nicotine strength hasn’t been used much in the past but it’s starting to gain some traction with new setups geared towards new vapers. This new setup is called vapor pod systems and have a highly restricted airflow. Typically, you won’t be able to purchase e-liquid in 32MG nicotine strength. This high of a nicotine strength will come in pre-filled cartridges that once used can be disposed of and replaced.

45MG: This high of a nicotine strength is also being utilized in the new vapor pod setups. Manufacturers include this high of a nicotine strength in pre-filled cartridges and some have even started using a nicotine salt to reduce some of the throat-hit commonly caused by nicotine, yet still, delivers plenty of it to satisfy the user.

50MG: While you may think it’s crazy to vape this high of a nicotine strength, there are some vapor pod systems that have this high of a nicotine strength. Like we wrote for 45MG, this strength to commonly comes in pre-filled cartridges with the vapor pod systems. And again, manufacturers are now moving towards nicotine salt to reduce throat-hit and offer a smoother draw.

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Blake Brown

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