Have you given into vaping’s latest hype, the Kanger SubTank Mini?  If you haven’t, I highly advise it.  However, if you have, I’m sure you’re like most of us and have been eager to get rid of those red o-rings on the SubTank Mini.  What many didn’t know is that some SubTank’s came with replacement o-rings that were black, while others kits only offered the standard red replacements.  Fortunately, Kanger actually listens to the feedback of its users, which is one of the reasons why they’ve held their position as one of the leading clearomizer manufacturers within the industry.

That said, Kanger now gives you the ability to customize your SubTank Mini, by replacing the burned out red o-rings with colored ones that look much more appealing.  I’ve been on the prowl for these o-rings ever since I heard Kanger was planning to release colored replacements, and though they’ve already been available for the original full sized SubTank, I struggled to find them for the SubTank Mini, until now.

Cost: $4.99

Where: VaporShark Colored SubTank Mini Replacement O-Rings