The Ecig Advertising Group (ECAG) is beginning to make waves throughout the vaping industry.  Vape event owners are flocking to the advertising company to promote their upcoming exhibitions and conventions.

Ecig Advertising Group LogoThe Ecig Advertising Group is an advertising and media company built specifically for the electronic cigarette industry.  They provide advertising services, such as Direct Display Advertising, Network Retargeting, Self Retargeting, Geo-Targeted Advertising, as well as Ad Creation.

With its most recently attended event, the Vaping Convention Circuit held in Tampa, FL., ECAG has been targeted by expo and convention’s as the number one source for vape related advertising and promotions within the industry.

Though it seems like the industry is very large, it is unfortunately a small niche that is crowded with an abundant amount of ecig companies all looking to get their moment in the spotlight.  This is where the Ecig Advertising Group steps in and puts its years of advertising and promotional experience to good use.  As a result, ECAG has seen a rather quick success in such a short period of time as an official advertising media sponsor for multiple vape events.  They’re working with some of the largest names within the industry, including VCC, ECC, VPX, AZVapeExpo, among others.

We love working with the convention and expo event coordinators all over the country!  These events are not just for fun, but they are very important to help our industry grow.  There are always several informational speakers and informational booths at the events to keep the businesses up to date and involved with what is happening.  It is wonderful to see the growth in attendance at these events compared to the first event I attended several years back.  If you are starting out or thinking about getting into the ecig industry, do not pass up the opportunity to attend the next convention or expo!

The advertising company went on to share that it is an official advertising media sponsor for the upcoming ECC/VPX event held in April, the AZVapeExpo held in May, and the VCCPA15 event held in June.

If interested in ecig advertising, you can reach ECAG by contacting them here or visit their website here to learn more about them.