Vaping was created for a very specific reason, it wasn’t invented by a Tobacco Giant to create a new generation of life-long cigarette addicts.  Disregard what you’ve heard or read about vaping and e-cigarettes for a few minutes, join me on a journey and see if you disagree with my view-point by the end.

As it happens, the FDA, the CDC, many Public Health Groups and their minions are so hell-bent on destroying this ground breaking technology that they have forgotten something extremely important, smokers are still dying.  They may put it nicely in a press release that you lap up on Facebook, but the reality is the regulations that the FDA have put in place are set to destroy an entire industry in 2 years, by August 8th 2018 to be exact.  The same groups that are telling you how dangerous vaping is are the ones who profit from smoking and it’s related illnesses the most, the whole time scaring you with statistics debunked a thousand times over.

They will never tell you the truth because they have too much to lose.

They will tell you that no-one can prove that vaping has helped a single person quit smoking, even though a European Union study shows 6 million smokers quit due to vaping and a further 9 million have reduced their cigarette intake dramatically.  The numbers in the United States are similar but these organisations refuse to acknowledge the facts because they don’t fit with their narrative that vaping is dangerous and the only way to break free of cigarette addiction is by using pharmaceutical products and counseling methods that they approve.Did-They-Forget-Smokers-Are-Still-Dying-Quit-or-die

The British Government are encouraging all smokers to switch to vaping because according to the Royal College of Physicians, the organisation that declared war on cigarettes half a century ago, vaping is 95-99% less harmful than smoking and poses little to no harm to by-standers.  At the same time, the FDA is making it illegal to tell the public that there is any difference between lighting up a cigarette and using a vapor device.  As far as I’m concerned, that’s a criminal act that will cause more smokers to die in the future, because the FDA refuses to accept evidence that doesn’t agree with the narrative that’s been set in America.

Pharmaceutical companies send children to Washington DC to spread these lies on Capital Hill, posing as charities and organisations looking to create a tobacco-free America, while they sit in their offices laughing because they helped write the regulations that are about to destroy the greatest ever chance of making that goal a reality.

The Government is complicit in this act, by declaring that a product which contains no tobacco at all is a tobacco product, they can reap in taxes at the State and federal level until the industry is gone, after which time they can go back to making money from cigarette sales and the extremely lucrative Master Settlement Agreement.  A deal they made with the cigarette companies to let them continue killing people as long as they pay the price, but if vaping and electronic cigarettes are allowed to continue they will lose it all, you can’t take blood money from anyone if no-one is dying.

By standing with bans, taxes and organisations that wish to see vaping destroyed, you are allowing a cycle to continue that’s already claimed millions upon millions of lives.  Vaping was never intended for children and anyone who tells you any differently is simply lying, vaping was created to save lives and that is what vapers are fighting to do. Despite what they tell you, the number of smokers is dropping rapidly, both among adults and teens, there is no “gateway” unless you misrepresent the figures in studies. The only people who tell you that vaping is dangerous are the ones who stand to lose their pay checks — they have had over 50 years to fix the problem of half a million preventable deaths each year, but smokers are still dying.  Patches, pills and potions rarely work, neither does their approach of quit or die trying and their idiotic behavior will cost a billion more lives.


  1. this is such bullshit.. They didn’t care about it a few years back when not many were vaping because it wasn’t really hurting their POCKETS, now that theres millions vaping.. Thats BILLIONS lost by them, ever wonder why fda approved smoke remedies NEVER work? Cause its not meant to.. Or smoking wouldn’t be in the 100s of millions ok.. Seriously.. This is our fight! We quit smoking! We beat big tobacco already! And big brother n sister have no come to beat us for kicking big tobacco fda is regulating the fuck out of it.. Pharma is paying labs to sign faked study reports.. And soon big tobacco will jump in while were down n weak to kick us.. We cant let this happen! Fight! Start a huge gathering of vapors and soon to be plus supporters, family, friends.. Smokers even! Ppl that wanna quit! We need to all do this world wide, same day every country or state.. Show them really just how many of us there are.. And how many will bee pissed if they take our shit…

    • We have approximately 9-10,000,000 people in the United States using vapor products in one form or another, plus their families and friends etc who have seen what vaping has done for them. Unfortunately 99% of them are unaware that there is a problem right now as they don’t engage in the many conversations on social media or ever walk into a vape shop. We are currently involved in the fight of our lives, for our lives, but gathering isn’t the answer. We live in a world unfortunately where 100,000 vapers — if you can get that many to show up — would be plastered all over the news as a bunch of radicalized something or others hell bent on destruction because all the media cares about is ratings. If every vaper took it upon themselves to educate the people around them this fight would be much easier, because right now we are fighting against multi billion dollar concerns who can destroy us with a few clicks on their social media.. in places we can’t speak out because we are a tobacco product…