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Driver Wrecks Reaching For Ecig

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There’s an old vape saying that has floated amongst the vaping community for a while to prevent vehicular accidents –  “don’t drip and drive”, and now it looks like we’re going to have to create a new one called “don’t reach for your ecig on the passenger side floorboard and drive”, because that is exactly what happened in this latest news.

hyundai accent ecig wreckA Utah driver’s ecig fell onto the passenger side floorboard in his Hyundai Accent one afternoon, and while in the midst of driving his vehicle, he leaned over to retrieve the ecig and swerved into oncoming traffic, colliding with a Chevy Tahoe that was pulling a trailer.  Unfortunately, this man’s poor judgement skills drove him towards sacrificing himself and others on the road just for another vape.

Luckily for the driver and the second party, no one was injured in the accident and there were no other vehicles that were involved in the wreck.  This should be a reminder for all vapers that our better judgement skills should always come first and that something you feel is harmless could easily and quickly turn into something fatal.

As I’ve stressed many times on this blog, safety should always come first in everything you do, be it vaping or not.

However, if accidents such as this continue to happen, it could very well be like handing ammo to those who are against vaping, much like you see with ecigs relating to fires and explosions.  It is our jobs as vapers to show a good example and continue to provide a positive image for vaping.  Using bad judgement skills, like while driving, and using products without proper knowledge will only hurt us… obviously in more ways than one.

You can read more about the wreck here.

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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