After dreaming of a nicotine induced electronic cigarette, China’s E-Cig inventor, Hon Lik, fights for financial rewards.

Hon Lik says despite its global popularity, the copycat versions and legal disputes, he has fought to cash in on his original creation.

As he sits in a small office in Beijing puffing on an ePipe, Lik says…

Smoking is the most unhealthy thing in people’s everyday lives… I’ve made a big contribution to society. But, I don’t live like a rich person, because of all the troubles our company has faced.

Hon, a man from northwestern China, is the co-founder of Ruyan, a company which has produced electronic cigarettes and cigars — starting at 68 yuan ($11 US, 8 euros) — for more than a decade.

Britain’s Imperial Tobacco is set to buy Hon’s patents for a deal of US $75 million. However, Hon says since there has been years of copyright disputes and negative publicity, it has eroded his profits.

Despite his constant battle, Hon continues to keep a positive attitude to a very upsetting, uncompensated creation.

Maybe in 20 or 30 years I’ll be very famous…