A new e-cig study was published October 16th at the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. The study lead by principle investigator Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos and with researchers from Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Greece and Abich Toxicological Laboratory in Italy, compared the cytotoxic potential of cigarette smoke and e-cigarette vapor extract on cultured myocardial cells.

They evaluated the cytotoxic potential of 20 different e-cigarette liquids (in vapor form) on cultured cardiac cells. The vapor was produced by using a commercially available e-cigarette device. Moreover, the effects of vapor produced using a new-generation high voltage device was examined for the first time. For comparison, the effects of tobacco cigarette smoke were also evaluated.

The results of the study showed that e-cigarette vapor was by far less cytotoxic than tobacco cigarette smoke, with most of the samples showing absolutely no adverse effects on the cells.

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