We can all do the happy dance as the Best of 2013 Entries are finally over. We’ve made it past the first phase to this annual event and now there’s a lot of work from me (and my family who helps) tallying the entries and then it’s onto the live polls.

Although I call this the after party, the first hurdle from you has been completed, but it’s only just begun for myself. Unfortunately, I have to manually count each entry on each category from every single participant. To make matters even tougher on my end, this year surpassed the previous years with participants; pushing well over 1,000 individual participants to submit entries for the Best of 2013. No worries though, the hard work is gratifying as I view the results quickly start to form.

Though I merely put a dent in the tallying, it’s becoming quite clear how the community feels about vendors, bloggers, reviewers, hosts, products and organizations. I’ll go ahead and apologize for the month long wait for the voting phase, but it’ll all be worth it when that company or person receives the recognition they’ve worked so hard for over the past year.

Again, Thank you. See ya in December. 🙂