According to a UK News site, ecigs have been linked to more than 100 fires in the United Kingdom. They’ve claimed that many of the UK’s fire services are going to at least one fire incident involving ecigs each week, sighting the Press Association.

Many of the fires are suspected to have been caused by ecigs or accessories used with them, such as chargers. There have been dozens of these incidents that fire services have attended in less than three years.

With data collected, 43 fire services has shown that since 2012, they have been called to 113 fires that were related to ecigs. However, there were several fires that started from users connecting the devices to incompatible chargers.

From the data collected by the fire services, ecigs were said to have been involved in eight fires in 2012, a quick jump to 43 in 2013, and at least 62 fires so far this year.

What we need to figure out is why and how ecigs are becoming the cause of these fires. Having not been at the 113 fires claimed, one could only speculate.

I’ve been using an ecig for almost 4 years and I’ve never had an incident caused by a charger or battery. Am I just one of the lucky ones or is there more to it?

Indeed, they are claiming that several of the fires are from incompatible chargers, but not all. What it comes down to, in my opinion, is that people aren’t taking the safety of these devices seriously. It isn’t just about using a device with an incompatible charger, there are other factors as well. Though many regulated devices today have a cut-off time, there are devices out there that don’t. The truth is, buttons get stuck on some devices, batteries are poorly handled and the devices are often dropped. These are all signs for a potential fire.

Though I’m not putting all the blame on the users of these devices, I do believe the majority of the fires involving ecigs are a result of the user. It’s very easy to get distracted while your ecig is in your purse or pocket and the fire button is being pressed up against another object. Many people accidentally drop their ecig, pick it up and see very little damage, but then continue using it. This is how it all begins.